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A Daughter’s Journey: Family First

A Daughter's Journey Blog Series

My dad’s latest surgery went well: No uncontrolled bleeding. No sepsis. Doctors successfully removed the unknown mass in his chest, although preliminary pathology suggests it’s cancer that metastasized from his previous bout with liver cancer, caused by the hemochromatosis.

He’s recuperating at home with my mom. He’s using a walker until he regains his strength, and he’s sleeping in his favorite leather recliner until his lungs are clear of phlegm. My mom’s fixing him cottage cheese with peaches and keeping track of his meds. They bicker lovingly. I’m hauling their garbage carts down to the curb and their newspapers up.

And so life goes on.

I’m not sure when he and my mom will meet with an oncologist. The oncologist who treats his CML will likely refer him to a different specialist. There was talk of radiation or chemotherapy, but, right now, we’re in a sweet spot where his recovery is progressing and we don’t have any concrete information to worry about.

I stop by when I can, drink a cup of coffee, and relay my kids’ latest antics. Since my dad’s been feeling better, we’ve reverted to light-hearted debating. It drives my mom bonkers, especially since, these days, politics is the usual target for our parries and ripostes.

When I was a kid, my dad and I talked more about physics and philosophy—the great questions of life. I remember my dad once said that family is greater than the sum of its parts. As a child, I disagreed and argued that was impossible. As an adult, I know that he is right.

BrightStar Care is honored to feature Leah’s unique story, an experience shared by many adult children as their parents grow older and caregiving roles begin to reverse. Follow Leah’s journey here.

All names, including the author’s, have been changed to protect identities, and Leah has no affiliation with BrightStar Care.

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  • Donna says:

    Such wonderful and heartfelt story I hope it reaches a lot of people.It’s truly and Blessing

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