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How CareTogether Helps Prepare for a Family Meeting

The time has come for you to call a meeting with the family to discuss how can you work together to provide the best quality care possible for mom or dad. Your siblings are visiting from out of town for a graduation party or reunion, and you have asked everyone to come in a day early to spend time going over important, sometimes even stressful questions. But where do you start? What questions do you need to discuss?

CareTogether features nine Task List templates that can help you prepare for your meeting.  These pre-populated task lists include:
•    Home safety checklist
•    Interviewing a new caregiver
•    Creating an emergency contact list
•    Family caregiver questionnaire

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You can use CareTogether task lists in a variety of ways. You could assemble your Care Team on CareTogether before the family meeting, create the task lists, and assign specific tasks to specific members of your CareTeam. For example, if you assign “Install and maintain guard rails near stairs and/or ramps inside and outside of the home” to your brother, his name will appear next to that task, and he’ll receive an email about it. That way, everyone knows your brother is responsible for that particular task. Another option would be to email an entire task list, say “Home safety checklist,” and email it to your brothers and sisters.

Another way to use CareTogether for your family meeting is to create your team at the beginning of the meeting while you’re all assembled and go through each task list together. This way, everyone talks through the various tasks, you can add or edit tasks to be more relevant to your situation, and you can socialize who wants to be responsible for what tasks.

It’s so important to have a plan going into a family meeting. CareTogether Task Lists are just some of the tools available to keep everyone informed and involved in your plan to take care of mom or dad.

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