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Nurse of the Year


Kelly Honn
Midwest Region
Kelly has absolutely flourished in her leadership role as DON. She simply, in quiet fashion applies her nurturing, caring, compassionate per…
Daisy Cruz
Northeast Region
Daisy is professional in her approach with our caregivers. She is caring and compassionate in her approach with patients and their family me…
Vashti Johnson
Southeast Region
I see a passion in Vashti that can’t be taught in nursing school. A passion to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. Not afrai…
Elise Troske-Roberts
West Region
Elise Troske-Roberts, RN is an amazing woman—and I don’t use that term lightly. Not only do her 20+ years of experience include ER Triag…


Angela Severson
Midwest Region
"Angie is always striving for ways to improve our already great care that we provide to our clients... She also tries to "catch" employees d…
Evanne Covino
Northeast Region
"Evanne embodies everything that you would wish for in an employee. Loyal, hard-working, integrity, out-of-the-box thinking, leadership, own…
Becky Morosky
Southeast Region
"One of the most impressive qualities that Becky possesses is her ability to lead by example. I will never forget when we had to deal with…
Becky McClennan
West Region
"Becky always does what she says. On a call with a distraught son that lived out of town, she promised him we would take care of his dad and…
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