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A Daughter’s Journey: Moving On

          When my grandpa died a decade ago, he left behind a mess of an estate that took my dad longer than a year to resolve. The experience spurred my parents to reconsider their own state of affairs. I had been on their case to leave the house I grew up […]

A Daughter’s Journey: Helpless

          The ER doctor saved my dad’s life. When he found out that my dad had had an operation the week prior, he administered an intravenous course of antibiotics. A flurry of tests followed as the team stabilized his condition. Around 4 in the morning, they admitted him to a regular […]

A Daughter’s Journey: Second Surgery

          Here we go again: surgery. Doctors would remove the cancerous tumor in my dad’s liver. I met my mom in the hospital’s waiting room, an awkward place where TV talk shows are the only distraction from food smells and bits of conversation escaping each family’s cubicle. Every patient is assigned […]

Celebrating the Best Nurses in Home Care

We love nurses, and they play a vital role in how we make sure each client receives the highest quality in-home care. At each BrightStar Care agency, a Registered Nurse Director of Nursing oversees every client’s personalized plan of care as well as trains and mentors a team of nurses, CNAs, and caregivers to live […]

4 Strategies When Individuals With Dementia Refuse Medication

By Sharon Roth Maguire, MS, RN, GNP-BC Chief Clinical Quality Officer, BrightStar Care People with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia may take multiple medications. And because the risk of missing a dose or confusing pills is so high for these individuals, someone should oversee the process. But what happens when your loved one resists […]

A Daughter’s Journey: Lies We Tell Ourselves

          My parents have always maintained that if a doctor looks hard enough, she’ll find something. Given medical technology and education these days, I believe that’s probably true. But I also think we know when there’s really a problem—whether we admit it or not. Before my dad was diagnosed with CML, […]

Healthy Baking and Cooking Tips for Seniors

Helping your loved one follow a special diet for heart disease or diabetes may not mean they have to give up their favorite family recipes. Who knew you could use applesauce instead of oil in mom’s famous blueberry muffins? Try these simple substitutes for healthier ingredients the next time you cook or bake together:

A Daughter’s Journey: Bridge Over Troubled Water

          When people climb Mt. Everest, they cross at least 20 crevasses using ladder bridges. Sometimes, several ladders are lashed together to form one long bridge, dipping in the middle, secured on either end to a moving glacier. One climber has described the ladders as anything but horizontal; as hikers gingerly […]

Improving Patient Safety at Home

We sat down with BrightStar Care Chief Clinical Quality Officer Sharon Roth Maguire MS, RN, GNP-BC, to learn why patient safety is important and how BrightStar Care agencies lead the charge in providing safe, quality home care through Joint Commission accreditation and following the National Patient Safety Goals. Why is patient safety important? Simply put, […]

A Daughter’s Journey: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

          My mom nicked her finger cutting an apple once because her hands were trembling. She pretended she didn’t see me notice, and I pretended not to be concerned. After all, it’s a fine line between being intrusive and being well-informed, especially when it comes to parents. No matter our ages, […]

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