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A Daughter’s Journey: Bridge Over Troubled Water

          When people climb Mt. Everest, they cross at least 20 crevasses using ladder bridges. Sometimes, several ladders are lashed together to form one long bridge, dipping in the middle, secured on either end to a moving glacier. One climber has described the ladders as anything but horizontal; as hikers gingerly […]

Improving Patient Safety at Home

It’s Patient Safety Awareness Week, and BrightStar Care is joining the National Patient Safety Foundation in their campaign to promote safe care. We sat down with BrightStar Care Chief Clinical Quality Officer Sharon Roth Maguire MS, RN, GNP-BC, to learn why patient safety is important and how BrightStar Care agencies lead the charge in providing […]

A Daughter’s Journey: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

          My mom nicked her finger cutting an apple once because her hands were trembling. She pretended she didn’t see me notice, and I pretended not to be concerned. After all, it’s a fine line between being intrusive and being well-informed, especially when it comes to parents. No matter our ages, […]

Sweet Memories in the Making

As we grow, we pick up habits that will never truly leave our memory, even if other parts of our memory fade away. Lucille, better known as ‘Ms. Bitsy,’ loves cooking, especially homemade pecan pies. This was one of her fondest memories of growing up in the south. Ms. Bitsy is 86 years old and […]

Home Care Pulse Best of Home Care Endorsed National Provider

BrightStar Care Earns 2017 ‘Best of Home Care Endorsed National Provider’ Award

We are proud to announce that BrightStar Care recently earned the 2017 ‘Best of Home Care Endorsed National Provider’ award from Home Care Pulse, a leading firm in satisfaction research and quality assurance. Only the nation’s top-ranking home care providers earn this distinction based on both customer and employee feedback. This new accolade further sets BrightStar Care […]

A Daughter’s Journey: Reporting for Duty

My dad pulled through surgery and has been living with CML for nearly 15 years. His diagnosis and recovery were the first of several health scares to come. He has amazing resilience, like a seawall holding out against the waves, and I’ve gotten a little better each time, too. When I get *that* call, I […]

What Is Sepsis and How Can BrightStar Care Help?

Sepsis (Septicemia) is one of the most common reasons individuals are readmitted to the hospital after a procedure or treatment for another condition, but many people do not know what it is. In addition to health concerns, this can also cause unnecessary emotional stress and financial burden. If your loved one recently visited the hospital, […]

Low Vision Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors

Did you know seniors with impaired vision are twice as likely to experience a fall? Low vision or other conditions that affect eyesight can make it harder to see tripping hazards and even affect balance in some cases. If you’ve noticed your parents are having more trouble seeing lately, consider trying these fall prevention tips […]

A Daughter’s Journey: Adulthood Calling

There are thresholds you cross on your way to adulthood: At 18, you can vote. At 21, you can drink. At 35, you can run for President of the United States. For me, calling my aunts and uncles and telling them that my dad was in the hospital was one of those moments. I called […]

A Daughter’s Journey: Fighting the Fear

We were faced with two separate problems, like a Rubik’s cube that needed to be turned in just the right way. First, my dad needed surgery to stop internal bleeding. Second, he had cancer. Cancer. This one word carries a thousand fears. The fear I felt that day made it hard to breathe. It made […]

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