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Client Service Testimonials

Each of our clients has a story to share. The care we provide is highly individualized, driven by a comprehensive plan of care based on the unique needs of the client and their family. From adult nursing services and pediatric homecare to medical and non-medical eldercare, no two stories are exactly the same. But woven throughout each of them is all that our caregivers make possible for all those we serve – more joy, more hope, more peace of mind.

If you have a story to share, we would love to hear from you. If you don’t have a story yet, read on. See if we could answer the call to make more possible for you and your family.

Caregiver re-arranges her own life to accommodate the needs of her client

It’s my judgment she does this out of dedication versus gain. It is not just the “doing”, but also the quality of same.

From BrightStar Care of Novi

Uses BrightStar In Two States

She is very efficient without appearing rushed. She is always pleasant and friendly. She is always on time. My wife is also very satisfied with the housekeeping tasks she does for her. I can’t imagine anybody better for this work.

From BrightStar Care of Novi

Caregiver Has a Lasting Impact

“Wish we could have her for 5 days. She goes beyond being supportive and caring to all of us in the household. We feel confident leaving to do whatever we need to because we know she always does her best with our Emma. Such trust is hard to find today. We love her and hope she can always be with us. She is truly a unique giver of care and love. You are fortunate to have her on your staff and so are we.”

From BrightStar Care of Lafayette

Care for Lewy Body Dementia

It was almost a disaster, when Sue Ramsey first came to us six months ago to help bring my wife Carolyn back home from a broken neck rehab, she slipped on our dreadful winter ice and went down faster than my reaction time allowed. I thought “oh-no – not another broken bone” but like jack in the box she was up and putting the wheel chair in the trunk without even a grunt. She bounces back like that under every situation… She has said that she is with us to the end and what a comfort that brings. It is a huge moment for us each weekday when she arrives. Life without Sue would be difficult and dull. With her it is much easier and big. We Love her.

Friendly Companionship

Amy is unique. From the first day that she came to me as an aide, I recognized her as a highly talented and caring individual… Amy is intelligent, sensible, creative, and personally humble.

Post-Op Care

Veronica was caring, compassionate and cheerful and I did so much enjoy having her with me. I was sad when her two weeks that I had requested were up and we had to part. Anyone who has her in their care is indeed blessed.

Live-In Care: A Daughter’s Story

Annie Dennis was hired as a 24hr. live-in companion/aide through BrightStar and has proven to be a blessing in our Mother’s life. Annie has shown great respect while adapting to Mom’s needs and the needs of the entire family. Read more about the live-in care Annie provided.

Respite Care: Sarah & Sam’s* Story

Jen came into the lives of Sarah* and Sam Smith* when Sam* was 85 and, while still healthy overall, he was becoming increasingly frail and forgetful due to advancing Dementia and diabetes. Sarah* was 81, battling cancer and moving through the stages of chemotherapy with minimal disruption to her life. Nevertheless, Sam’s* advancing frailty and memory loss put heavy demands on Sarah, which began to wear her down. Read more about the respite care Jen provided to help Sarah* and Sam*.

Elder Care: Cindy’s Story

CINDY VARGO, CINDY VARGO, CINDY VARGO! In all my 87 years, I have had numerous caregivers. I have been blessed by and with this aide. She is extremely intelligent, loving and caring. Read more about the elder care Cindy provided.

Disability Care: Steve’s* Story

Jon Coffee [is a] fine young man, … I can’t say enough good things about Jon. He has been an inspiration to my family. He came and made a difference in the life of my disabled brother Steve*. His uplifting spirit, compassion and understanding has enriched my brother’s life. Read more about Jon’s compassionate disability care.

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