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Disability Care: Steve’s* Story

Jon Coffee [is a] fine young man, … I can’t say enough good things about Jon.  He has been an inspiration to my family.  He came and made a difference in the life of my disabled brother Steve*.  His uplifting spirit, compassion and understanding has enriched my brother’s life.  He is dependable, honest, and available in the direst of needs.   There is no way of expressing how important Jon has been in the care of my brother.  He makes his life happier.  [I’m sure] this young man will succeed in any endeavor he attempts in life.  His dedication and values are exceptional.  Jon has made my brother’s world a better place.

Side note: The client mentioned in this story, Steve*, is a 62-yr.-old man with Down’s Syndrome.  Jon sees Steve* eight hours per week for companionship and personal care. Steve’s* sister has never found a caregiver she truly trusted until Jon Coffee.  Recently, Steve’s* sister took a trip while Jon stayed for extended hours.  This is the first trip the sister has taken in the last 30 years!

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