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Elder Care: Cindy’s Story

CINDY VARGO, CINDY VARGO, CINDY VARGO!  In all my 87 years, I have had numerous caregivers. I have been blessed by and with this aide.  She is extremely intelligent, loving and caring.  I feel that God and BrightStar have blessed me with an earth angel who is truly beyond compare.  Not only is she professional and extremely competent, but she brings a marvelous sense of humor every day!  She also lets her patients know that she is there for them, and every day as she enters our world she makes us instantly aware that her primary concern is the patients.  She tends [to us] with a massive dose of TLC!

It’s also very important for me to note that we searched long before settling on BrightStar.  Makes me feel brilliant with my choice!  I also highly recommend BrightStar for its superior program.

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