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Client Service Testimonials

Each of our clients has a story to share. The care we provide is highly individualized, driven by a comprehensive plan of care based on the unique needs of the client and their family. From adult nursing services and pediatric homecare to medical and non-medical eldercare, no two stories are exactly the same. But woven throughout each of them is all that our caregivers make possible for all those we serve – more joy, more hope, more peace of mind.

If you have a story to share, we would love to hear from you. If you don’t have a story yet, read on. See if we could answer the call to make more possible for you and your family.

Cancer Care: A Daughter’s Story

Cassie went above and beyond with my mother during her time of lung & brain cancer. She always made herself available to us any time of day or night, and she made that clear to me in the very beginning. My mother liked her from the moment she met Cassie and the love and bond between the two was very evident. Read more about Cassie’s cancer care story.

Dementia Care: Jane & Bill’s* Story

My name is Jane*. My husband Bill* is a patient/client of BrightStar. I would like to nominate Jessica Olsen for the BrightStar Caregiver of the Year 2009, including the $5000 scholarship, for her role as CNA for William. Bill* is nursing home qualified with a long list of diagnoses, including Dementia and Parkinson’s. This keeps us from actively participating in church, family or social activities. Read more about the dementia care Jessica provided.

A Hospice Organization’s Story

Chris has been a wonderful addition to our team here at Bruns [Hospice House & Hospice of the East Bay]. He is caring, compassionate, and always willing to help our patients and their families. Read more about Chris’ hospice care.

Newborn Care: First-Time Parents’ Story

BrightStar was there when we needed them the most. We are first time parents and enjoying our time with our 4-month old daughter. But, when I went back to work, she began the daycare experience and encountered the ‘daycare sickies.’ Read about the newborn care and support BrightStar was able to provide

RN Oversight

We received a call as a response from an advertisement that we ran in one of our area’s parish bulletins last Friday. The call was from a woman whose mother lived in a neighboring town. She was looking for general help for her 89 year old mother for bathing and some shopping needs, either accompanying her or performing some rudimentary errands for her. Some other health care agency would have simply dispatched a CNA to start performing these tasks for her. Read about how RN oversight saved her life.

Infusion Therapy: Monica’s Story

I’d like to thank BrightStar for sending Monica as my caregiver. She is one of the most dedicated to her job. People say they care, but she shows it. She always makes my treatments (infusion therapy) go by so great. She is always asking me if I’m okay and if I need anything. She always fits the treatments for my schedule, even if it takes away from hers. But BrightStar provided more than infusion therapy.

Intensive Care: Ruth’s Story – Caregiver of the Year 2010

When Tracy Duran came into our lives our world had turned upside down. My husband Jim had been in intensive care for too many days and was finally returning home and we needed help. The good Lord must have been watching over us because He sent us Tracy. From the day she arrived she became a part of our family. I wasn’t sure what a “caregiver” would do but I knew we needed someone to help us. Tracy arrived and just wrapped us in her love and has taken care of us ever since. Read more about all that Tracy did to provide compassionate assistance following one family’s stay in intensive care.

Personal Care: A Spouse’s Story

I am writing this email to let you know what an impact your services have made on my family. We have been using Patrick several days per week to assist my husband who is disabled. My husband had his legs crushed 30+ years ago and his shoulders are in bad shape from constantly using his upper extremities. He can walk very short distances and predominantly uses an electric wheelchair. Patrick has changed our lives through providing exceptional personal care.

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