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Monthly “Twitcap”: A Re-Cap of @brightstarcare in February

In case you missed them, or maybe you’re not even on Twitter yet, we wanted to re-cap all of @brightstarcare’s Tweets for the month of February. We strive to share helpful articles, tools and Websites and hope the following will be of value to you. Enjoy! 

Are hospitals safe? See what a recent study says: 4:00 PM Feb 26th

It’s not too early (or too late!) to truly take advantage of life What do you think? 1:31 PM Feb 26th

Thanks for the @shellyasun mention @BreakingBiz! 1:15 PM Feb 25th

Not Just for the Elderly: Contemplating Life’s Opportunities Great program @wpr this a.m.! 12:01 PM Feb 25th

When it comes to our health, is there REALLY no place like home? Weigh in now! 11:24 AM Feb 25th

Usin’ it so we’re not losin’ it. Is this true? 12:46 PM Feb 24th

Study: Half of Infection Deaths Linked Directly to Hospital Care 9:58 AM Feb 24th

RT @aarpbulletin Elder Abusers: What to look for, what to do 9:55 AM Feb 22nd

‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ Shelly Sun Pays Tribute to BrightStar Offices 9:28 AM Feb 18th

Touching! RT @aarpbulletin World’s Oldest Barber: Customers say his fingers – and conversation – are still nimble at 99 3:17 PM Feb 16th

What kinds of Web health tools are most valuable to you? Medication charts? Nutrition logs? Weigh in! 2:10 PM Feb 16th

Do you or does somebody you know have a BrightStar story? Share it here: 12:58 PM Feb 16th

Very helpful! Knowledge is key. RT @InsideElderCare Guide to Dementia Care and Alzheimer’s Care at Home (Part 1) 11:10 AM Feb 15th

Family caregivers need advocates too 9:10 AM Feb 15th via HootSuite

Who helps when hospice leaves? One answer here: 5:05 PM Feb 12th

Thank you for the RT @allseniorhomes! Did you find the @eCareDiarySusan tool helpful? 4:10 PM Feb 12th

A touching caregiver story. Now THIS is how our caregivers are making more possible! Watch now: 3:48 PM Feb 12th

Hoarding can be risky for the elderly. Here are some great resources: 9:35 AM Feb 11th

Do you or does somebody you know have a BrightStar story? Share it here: 12:25 PM Feb 10th

Caregiver-Client Compatibility Key 12:17 PM Feb 10th

@shellyasun “… award is a result of our franchisees relentless daily efforts in providing our clients quality of life” 10:00 AM Feb 10th

What do you think? Weigh in now! RT @VibrantNation Our fears change as we age, don’t you agree? 9:00 AM Feb 10th

In case you missed it, we’re re-capping the month of January… in Tweets: #seniorcare #caregiving #homecare #childcare 5:00 PM Feb 9th

RT @shellyasun 24/7 availability is not just something we say – it’s what we do. See for yourself: 3:20 PM Feb 9th

@eCareDiarySusan your appointment/med management tool would be a great help to the growing number of family caregivers. Kudos! 3:14 PM Feb 9th

BrightStar CEO Shelly Sun named ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ 2:42 PM Feb 9th

@HCInteractive Absolutely! @caregiving published a great blog on it here: 3:31 PM Feb 4th

Download this helpful list to discuss prescriptions with your doctor Click here to see others: 3:10 PM Feb 4th

Caregivers make an amazing impact on those in their care. Do you have a story to share? 12:57 PM Feb 4th

Does caregiver-client compatibility matter? See for yourself: 9:30 AM Feb 4th

Wow! RT @caregiving New Study Says Caregiving Employees’ Health Problems Can Cost U.S. Companies a Potential $13.4 Billion Yearly:… 9:56 AM Feb 2nd

Changing the traditional care model 9:28 AM Feb 2nd

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