Evaluating Home Care and Other Long-Term Care Options

Navigating the waters of caring for a loved one and/or finding care for a loved one can be challenging, both emotionally and financially. What kind of support do they need? What would be best? Can they stay at home? Decision-making during this time can bring on a flurry of tough questions for families. BrightStar Care CEO and Co-Founder Shelly Sun cautions in a recent FoxBusiness.com article that families shouldn’t “let budget alone determine the choice of care because many aspects have emotional and mental tolls that can’t be budgeted.”

Also according to the article, “before a family decides on the type of care necessary, the parents’ health and mental status should be professionally assessed. Children also need to review their parents’ financial situation to see what they can afford and review all insurance policies.” In order for families to make the right choice, they have to first know all of their care options and the associated costs. Click here to read the full article, which includes an overview of different levels of care and price tags.

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