Caregiver of the Year Finalist Janice McCann Makes a Difference

image[2]The Levers* had their hands full and needed help. Andy’s* severe brain injury caused memory loss and physical disability, and he needs to use a cane and a wheelchair when he’s not at home. His wife was his sole caregiver for years, but recently she has been a 24/7 caregiver. Andy’s wife was looking for some down time after getting burned out, and she turned to BrightStar Care of Overland Park/Johnson County 15 months ago.

McCann Took Home Care to Another Level

It took some time to get acclimated with the company. In only a year and a half, the Levers tried six different caregivers. Then one day, their knight in shining armor showed up with an emphasis on personal relationships and understanding. Enter Janice McCann. She was the first caregiver to personally sit down with the Levers before starting her care. “That impressed us,” Andy’s wife said. “Janice was very professional and came with a pad and paper. She took notes as we got acquainted. She asked pertinent questions and seemed to really care about her clients.” Andy could sense this genuine care radiating from Janice. So much so he had some friendly words as Janice left the initial meeting.

“I hope you take this job, I really like you.” Well, Janice didn’t just take the job, she ran with it. She never talks down to Andy, stimulates him through talking and playing games and doesn’t wait for Andy to initiate games. She takes charge. “I have a few chores for her when Andy is sleeping and she always does them, but Andy and his needs come first,” Andy’s wife said.  Janice also goes the extra mile, surprising Andy with his favorite foods, like Sunny Delight popsicles. Andy loves Kellogg’s Special K cereal and wondered if they made a peach cereal. Without hesitation, Janice called Kellogg’s and put in his request. Andy loves how Janice can put up with his sometimes excessive demands and not bat an eye. “When I repeat over and over, she never gets frustrated with me, she just takes it in stride,” he said when asked why he likes Janice.

Andy’s wife said Janice gives Andy the same loving care she would give him. She is always on time and never forgets anything, because she writes it down. At the end of the day, the Levers not only have a caregiver, but more importantly a friend. “When Janice walked into our home, a burden was lifted off my shoulders and I now have a partner,” Andy’s wife concluded. “Janice is more than a shade above the other caregivers, and if BrightStar could only crown her, they would be a winner.”

*Client name has been changed

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