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Caregiver of the Month

Meet our Cargivers of the Month:

Caregiver of the month.

Laura Formella, RN

Laura is an asset to the clinical team. Laura is detail orientated. She always asks appropriate questions and has the ability to think things through. Laura is a gifted nurse full of passion, compassion and critical thinking skills. Laura is polite and courteous with a true desire to function in the best interest of the patient, family and BrightStar. Laura has accepted a variety of assignments including pediatrics, ventilator patient, insurance assessments, infusion therapy, blood draws, dressing changes as well as serving as a mentor to nursing students. BrightStar is fortunate to have Laura as a member of our clinical team.


Caregiver Vickie Burnett

Vickie Burnett, CNA

Vickie has been with BrightStar since December 2014. In the time that Vickie has been with us, she has proven to be very dependable and always willing to go “Above and Beyond”. Vickie always helps out when we need her, and the care she provides to her clients is always well received. The competency in her job coupled with her great attitude makes her a valuable member of the BrightStar team. We recently were made aware of the difference Vickie was able to make with a client who was nearing end of life. Her ability to “Serve with Passion” was made clear by the way that she was able to get him to open up to her and discuss his feelings and thoughts. In the work that Vickie does with BrightStar it is clear that she is truly interested in making a difference in the lives of all that she comes into contact with. Thank you Vickie for all of your hard work and dedication to BrightStar and to all those we serve.



Ayo One, CNA

Congratulations for Caregiver of the Month Ayo.  Ayo has only been with BrightStar a few months and he has received rave reviews from both Staffing Clients and Private Duty.  He has went above and beyond to pick up last minute shifts and he has so much passion for what he is doing.  It has been a pleasure to get to know him.  He serves with Passion – one of BrightStar’s Core Values.  On his first meet and greet the wife said he just came in and acted as though he has known us for years.  It was extremely impressive.  Ayo’s background is working in a hospital.  The skillset he has learned has helped prepare him to be strong in one on one care as well as working with many patients on a floor.  We are proud to have him on our team.

Alan Cruz

Alan Cruz











Caregiver of the Month May 2015

Congratulations to Alan Cruz for earning Caregiver of the Month.  Alan has been with BrightStar for 6 years and he has been dedicated to a specific client for the majority of the time.  He demonstrates “Serving with Passion” every day.  Recently, the IL area had a tornado warning close to the residence.  Alan’s client has spinabifida and is wheelchair bound with a vent.  Alan incorporated his emergency management training by carrying his client to the basement, put on his O2 mask with portable O2.   He gathered washcloths, blankets, pillows and monitored any distress.  Once the TV broadcast had cleared the area, he carried the client upstairs and had safety precautions implemented for PM care.  Alan demonstrated “Do the Right Thing” one of our key core values.  We are proud of Alan and fortunate to have him part of the BrightStar team.

 Peter Kapp 2 Peter Kapp 2015


Caregiver of the Month April 2015


Congratulations to Peter Kapp for his 2nd time winning Caregiver of the Month.  Peter has been taking care of a man with Parkinsons for the past couple years.  His client tells him that he is his “bestfriend”.  His wife raves about him and tells him that Peter enriches both of their lives.  Peter often helps with walking the dog and doing household chores without being asked, but it was Peter’s motivation and imagination to help his client have a higher quality life that drove Peter to come up with a bed shower/portable so that his client would be able to a shower instead of having a sponge bath.  Peter has is not finished tweaking the product but in the meantime, his client was able to take a shower for the first time in ages.  Peter is also very musical and you can find him whistling or humming a tune which brightens each day.  We are very honored to have Peter on the BrightStar team for his vision, dedication, creativity and passion for his clients.  Thank you for being a “Bright Star” in our family.

Marc Mason Caregiver of the Month May small

March 2015

Congratulations to Marc Mason for earning Caregiver of the Month for March.  Marc has been with BrightStar for almost 5 years and he has demonstrated a passion and compassion for his clients and BrightStar that exemplifies “Making it Great!”.  Marc does a lot of little things to make someone’s day.  He is usually one step ahead of his client when it comes to understanding their needs.  Marc has recently been helping us with staffing assignments and received two of the highest compliments from communities in the Lake County Area.   One of our newest contracts stated “ We have never had an agency staff member that has provided equal or better treatment to our residents or connected so well with our own staff before Marc”.  Another community stated “We wish we could have him full time because he is self-motivated, needs little direction and everyone loves him including staff and residents.  It is truly a special connection.”Marc, thank you for your dedication to BrightStar and being a true promoter of our Brand. You are a Shooting Star!!




Stephanie Manness



January 2015

Congratulations Stephanie for being named our first Caregiver of the Month in 2015. Stephanie epitomizes are our core value “Be Open and Positive”. She is one of the first staff ready to step in and help. If she is not working, she will pick up last minute shifts or new assignments all over Lake County. She also is flexible for staffing in a facility or providing private duty home care. Stephanie proactively checks in weekly to help the Customer Care Managers build a weekly schedule instead of having them have to reach out. Stephanie works with a smile on her face and genuinely cares about her clients. Stephanie also demonstrates a second core value, “Serving with Passion”. We have more and more compliments about Stephanie’s care. Once she fills in for a shift many times the families want to keep her as a permanent caregiver. Stephanie makes the lives of the office and our clients easier. She has been open and honest with the office staff/clinical if there have been issues to make sure we are aware and on the same page. Stephanie returns calls in a timely manner and is always pleasant. In addition, she has attended several training inservices to help her develop and grow on her down time. We are blessed to have Stephanie on our team. She is truly a BrightStar!

Leo CaregiverMay- 2014

Congratulations Leo for earning Caregiver of the Month! Leo is a true asset to the BrightStar family and to each family he serves. Leo exemplifies our Core Value “Serve with Passion”. He goes above and beyond for his clients by shoveling and salting his patients driveway on a snowy day. He utilizes his clinical managers to ask questions and identifies red flags, so he is proactive in the care …he gives rather than reactive whenever he can be. He has one patient that used to be in a choir and Leo sings to him which makes him and his wife laugh and smile. Leo develops a close bond with his clients. His wife has fixed casseroles for families and he is often invited on family gatherings to join in the festivities. When Leo stand by assists walks with his clients he positions himself so that he can be the cushion if they fall. He always has their needs in mind and delivers prior to the client asking. Recently, we developed a pilot program called “Cognitive Fitness”. Leo agreed to be a part of it and he provided above and beyond detail for us to analyze what worked and what didn’t. He dove in head first and fully engaged in the program. Thank you for all you do. We are proud to have you as part of our team. Keep up the great work!

April – 2014

Juanita SanchezJuanita Sanchez, CNA is our April Caregiver of the Month!!  Juanita has a very calm, reassuring presence, and Multiple families have told us how wonderful she has been, even during end of life care.  Families are impressed by her ability to immediately know what needs to be done to make the patient comfortable. One family sent a special thank you  “Thank you so much for your thoughtful care of my mother.  Juanita Sanchez was an outstanding caregiver for my mother.  Evaluating her needs and strengths and helping accordingly.  Her calm caring presence will be missed, even after only 2 weeks.”  She is also one of our most reliable and dependable employees, and will pick up shifts if she can.  Juanita is able to handle anything we give her, and handle at a high quality level.  Juanita takes initiative and goes above and beyond for her clients by  taking time to get to know them and being able to anticipate their needs before they ask.   She even takes on sewing assignments for her clients that are no longer able.  BrightStar is thankful she came back to us when she moved back to town!  Thank you for everything you do, Juanita!

March – 2014

Pam Wilson1Pam Wilson, CNA has been with BrightStar for several years and has always put her clients first. You can call her at any time, and she will drop what she is doing to help out a family. Pam’s client recently told BrightStar about how they were worried about someone coming in their home to help take care of mom, but the min…ute Pam walked in she put a sense of calm over the family, and Pam told them I have this under control and you can rest assure I will take great care of mom. The client’s family was so relieved and they got a goodnight’s sleep for the first time that night. We call Pam the “dementia whisperer”. She has an amazing ability to create a calmness for those that struggle with various types of dementia and often have a hard time effectively communicating. She makes a difference every day. Pam also assists us with staffing assignments at various locations. Every location has called after her shift and raved about her often requesting her specifically to return. Pam is passionate about her role and continues to improve her skills by attending continuing education programs as often as her schedule will allow. Pam continues to be BRIGHSTAR and we are so proud of her can do attitude. She continues to amaze us every day with her compassion and commitment to a higher standard of care.


Joanne and JackieFebruary – 2014


Joanne Wright, LPN and Jackie Gonsiorek, RN represent everything BrightStar could want in an employee.  They both have gone far above and beyond the call of duty to ensure their patient is being taken care of.  They work together as a team to manage their schedules and  step up when someone calls in sick.  Joanne and Jackie have given up their time off with their family to put in overtime as well as work six day week.  Joanne and Jackie never once complained about being asked to cover additional shifts.  Not only have they not complained, but they always have smiles on their faces.  Their dedication is greatly appreciated by their patient, his family, and those of us in the BrightStar office.  Thank you both for all you do!




January 2014 – Peter Kapp 

Peter KappPeter goes above and beyond for his clients, but to him it is just who he is and what he does.  He works primarily with a patient who has Parkinsons.  His patience, thoughtfulness and kindness has created a strong bond with the family.  Peter often looks for common bonds with the patients he works with whether it is the military or playing in band.  He finds common ground and knows how to connect. Peter has become the patient’s “best friend” according to the patient’s wife.  She also said he continues to do the extras that makes his visits even more special.  He takes time to walk their dog (their pride and joy) and he fixes things around the house without saying a word.   Peter has been providing care that is allowing for a better quality of life.  He recently accomplished having his patient walk from the parking lot and throughout one of his favorite stores without a wheelchair.  A momentous moment for the family and they owe it all to Peter’s efforts with range of motion and strength building activities.  He is truly a shining star and we are fortunate to have him as part of the BrightStar team living up to the brand day in and day out.


December 2013 – Kelli Vaughn

Kelli Vaughn COMKelli Vaughn agreed to take on a new assignment as , Team Lead, with BrightStar starting in November with our new satellite location Liberty Towers.  Kelli has went above and beyond to make this venture a success in the first month.  She has went door to door delivering flyers, she has brought in coffee, WII and puzzles from her home for entertainment.   Kelli continues to try to think of new ways that she can bring value to residents at Liberty Towers. Kelli has modified her schedule to accommodate clients on Saturdays and she has even offered free transportation at times for an added value benefit to those that are in dire need.   She has signed up 8 active clients within her first month and has several more that are in the process of joining the BrightStar family.  Beyond her full time job, she has helped us with Phlebotomist assignments and filling in shifts at Spring Meadows as needed.  Kelli takes pride in her role and is already well known within the building.  We are fortunate to have Kelli as part of the BrightStar team and Liberty Towers.  She is a compassionate and caring leader that puts her clients first.


October 2013 –  Voula Burns, Maria Romo, Susette Fermo, Beth Wadzinski and Ryszarda Maciej.

Spring Meadows Caregiver of the Month Nov 13The Spring Meadows Staff go above and beyond each day.  MaryAnn often receives multiple compliments about our extraordinary BrightStar staff and team when conducting her supervisory visits.  We could not single out just one person because it is an entire team that touches so many lives.  Teamwork is the key to their success.  Each of them cover for each other’s shifts and are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure their clients do not go without care.  Spring Meadows staff’s efforts help our clients stay  in independent living longer which makes both the family and the residents happy.  The team often gos above and beyond to make each day fun such as dressing up for all the major holidays.  The Spring Meadows team are not just caring for these clients; they are making memories and helping each day live to the fullest with laughter.  We consistently receive praise on how the team steps up to handle difficult situations and has become like family to many of the residents.  You are truly appreciated for all that you do for the families at Spring Meadows and  we are proud to have you as part of the BrightStar team.   In addition, Spring Meadows has steadily increased their clientele and is on track to  top the billing chart for this year because of the great teamwork and consistency in delivering superb care.  Keep shining!


Heidi_BylandAugust 2013 – Heidi Byland
Heidi is truly our Bright “Star”. She has a positive energy and takes initiative to train her patients as well as their family members. Education is the key to her success. Heidi has also stepped up to the plate and accepted an opportunity to grow within BrightStar by becoming CPR certified to help train our field staff on an ongoing basis. Hei…di takes her job very seriously. She lives every day to help others and she continues to find ways to help herself grow. Heidi is invaluable; she helps cover shifts in times of need, even when she already has plans. She makes it work when she is needed! Heidi is a pleasure to work with and her “Can do” attitude makes us proud to have her on our team.



Mary_LawlessMay 2013 – Mary Lawless
BrightStar is pleased to announce that Mary Lawless is our Caregiver of the Month for May 2013. Mary is treasured by each and every one of her patients, as well as their families. Mary originally started with BrightStar in 2005 and grown along with the BrightStar Family. She treats everyone as if they were a member of her own family. Mary is proactive by think…ing of her client’s needs before they have to ask. She is kind, compassionate, dedicated, and involved. She spends a great deal of time socially interacting with her clients to keep them engaged. Being a C.NA is not just a job to Mary it is part of who she is and it is apparent to the families she touches. We are grateful to have Mary with us and appreciate everything she does! Thank you for being a BrightStar!

Kathleen_BurgessApril 2013 – Kathleen Burgess
BrightStar is pleased to announce that Kathleen Burgess was our Caregiver of the Month for APRIL 2013. Kathleen is a longtime employee of BrightStar, and we certainly hope it will also be for a long time to come. Kathleen has several ongoing patients, and is invaluable to each and every one. She connects on a different level with each of her patients. She be…comes one of the family and delivers exceptional person centered care with honest emotion. Kathleen is someone you would trust with your own mother. She has such a good energy and loving quality in the care that she delivers. Kathleen is extremely reliable, kind, friendly, and always willing to help us out when the office is in need. She takes her responsibilities very seriously and never wants to let anyone down. Thank you, Kathleen, for all you do!! You are a shining Brightstar!









February 2013 – Lisa Marsiglio
Lisa has been one of the brightest new stars for our organization. In her first month, she has set the bar extremely high for any other newcomer. She has taken EVERY single assignment we have offered her. This includes last minute call off coverage, long drives, assignments in snowstorms, cases that are ongoing, and has even recently gone to a client in a pinch at 2:30am. She prides herself that she has not had to say “no” to us yet! She is truly our ‘Go TO” person. She always tries to make it work. Her “CAN DO” attitude has done so much for BrightStar in such a short time. She has elevated our reputation and has repaired where others may have fallen short. She has such a good spirit and personality that makes it easy for her to connect with our clients. In her short time with us, she has become one of the most requested staff from our clients. She is ALWAYS on time, turns her timecards on time and her documentation is accurate. Lisa embodies the BrightStar Standard and we are fortunate to have her on our team. Congratulations!


January 2013 – Colleen Scheafnocker and Danielle Morley
Colleen Scheafnocker and Danielle Morley have jointly received the January 2013 Caregiver of the Month Award. Colleen and Danielle have consistently proven to give us 110%. Any client that they work for – they instantly become a Top or ONLY choice for the client. These two ladies cast a spell that gives families confidence and peace of mind that their loved one is in the “best” hands possible…. It is hard to fill their shoes because they set the bar extremely high in regards to their standard of care. Both Danielle and Colleen have recently been nominated by their current client for Caregiver of the Month – THREE months in a row! In addition, if they are available they will work. There have been several situations that they have picked up last minute shifts to help out the office or their fellow teammates. Danielle and Colleen are a prime example of Excellence in the BrightStar Brand.

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