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Post Heart Attack / AMI Nursing Care Plan

BrightStar Caregiver Educates Heart Attack PatientsHeart attacks are traumatic experiences that are frightening for the people who experience them and their families. A healthy recovery often requires cardiac rehab, taking medications, and a significant lifestyle change, all of which can be challenging and stressful. BrightStar Clinical Pathways for acute myocardial infarction / post heart attack nursing care is an evidence-based, team-oriented program designed to provide comforting support and practical education to develop new lifestyle habits that promote heart health.

The BrightStar RN Clinical Pathways Coordinator leads a team of Certified Nursing Assistants and Home Health Aides all specially trained in managing heart disease, to provide specialized, person-centered care. The team focuses on coaching and empowering the client to self manage the conditions of the underlying heart disease and to learn how to identify the symptoms that could lead to compromised health.

Throughout the four-week program, the team makes sure the:

  • Patient clearly understands the plan of care from the physician and the steps needed to take to optimize their wellness – like understanding how to properly use medications and monitoring for side effects
  • Family feels confident their loved one can self-manage their condition
  • Physician is kept up to date on the patient’s condition and made aware of any circumstances that may require attention

Exclusive BrightStar Clinical Pathways educational resources for AMI / heart attack patients and their families:

  • Guidebook – The story of the condition that the individual, caregiver, physician, and family can use to better manage their condition.
  • Patient and Family Education Material – Informative, illustrated packet provides useful information on how to stay healthy and how to manage the patient’s new diet after a heart attack.
  • Symptom Alert – Easy-to-read reference card helps monitor symptoms for early detection.
  • CareTogether® ( – Individual and family can coordinate caregiving schedule and communicate with each other. The free and private care page links to BrightStar Care® calendar so the family knows the when and the who of BrightStar Care visits.

What happens during a BrightStar Clinical Pathways for AMI / Heart Attack visit? H.E.A.R.T. C.A.R.E!

RN Clinical Pathways Coordinator

Hear the client’s and family’s concerns; ask how things are going; listen to their story

Evaluate how well the client and family are coping with the diagnosis and related lifestyle changes

Assess: Perform a focused physical assessment with special attention to signs like blood pressure, heart and respiratory rates, and temperature

Review physician orders, appointment dates and items to bring, like the BrightStar Clinical Pathways Guidebook and Chest Pain Symptom Tracker

Teach: Provide an overview of the disease, go over red-flag symptoms, and offer guidance on medications, diet, and lifestyle modifications

BrightStar Care® caregivers

Check client’s weight, home safety, and food, medication, and equipment supplies

Assist client in activities of daily living, promote independence while providing just the right amount of assistance, confirm follow-up medical appointments

Review the plan for the visit with the client and family

Exit after ensuring client’s well-being, asking “Is there anything more we can do for you?”

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