More Medications That Could Cause Depression

Polypharmacy, the use of multiple medications by a patient, especially in seniors, can be necessary in treating various conditions, but can also be difficult to manage. To make matters more complicated, some medications can even cause depression-like symptoms, like a decrease in happiness, mood swings, loss of appetite, lack of energy, worthlessness and other severe symptoms related to depression. Especially with multiple medications, it’s important to be able to identify which one(s) may have the highest tendency to cause depression. (more…)

Could Your Medications Be Making You Depressed?

As we age, our bodies are at greater risk of feeling depressed side effects from medication. It is common for seniors to take multiple medications, but if you or a loved one is dealing with depression, few consider the possibility that some meds can cause depression symptoms, such as lack of energy, listlessness, feeling rundown, excessive fatigue, changes in appetite and sleeping patterns, sadness and despair. (more…)

Tips for Safely Keeping Track of Multiple Medications

Polypharmacy is the use of multiple medications by a patient and is often experienced by seniors. While taking multiple medications may be absolutely necessary for managing chronic diseases and conditions, keeping track of doses and various medication schedules can become overwhelming. And on top of this, whether it’s over-the-counter supplements, prescriptions and herbal medications, the more medications a person is taking, the more likely they can experience drug interactions and side effects, which punctuates the importance of understanding the medications you or a loved one is taking.  (more…)

5 Questions to Ask a Doctor About Pending Procedures

There’s no question that we want the best for ourselves and our loved ones and this often is the driving force that pushes us to be our own best advocates. But when it comes to healthcare, it can feel like we as patients are not in the driver’s seat and it can be difficult to figure out what our own role is. In fact, if you’re like many, you’re probably used to answering your doctor’s questions rather than asking your own, but it doesn’t have to be this way. (more…)

Nutritious Choices to Reduce Risk of Cataracts

According to the National Eye Institute, a cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye that affects vision. Most cataracts are related to aging. Cataracts are very common in older people. By age 80, more than half of all Americans either have a cataract or have had cataract surgery. A cataract can occur in either or both eyes. It cannot spread from one eye to the other. So is there anything seniors can do to help reduce the risk of cataracts? The simple answer is yes. (more…)

Healthy Senior Snack Ideas

We’ve seen healthy foods to eat, from apples and nachos to brown rice. And while brown rice doesn’t sound very snack-like, all of these foods are perfect ways for seniors (and anybody really) to curb their appetite and avoid over-eating when it comes supper time. In fact, we’ve got even more senior snack ideas that are as delicious as they are nutritious. (more…)

7 Healthy Foods to Eat to Promote Senior Nutrition

Let’s face it, snacking throughout the day can be just as important for your health as eating the proper meals. According to a Redbook magazine article, dietician Rachel Beller said that grazing during the day has a big impact. If you get too hungry between meals, that can deplete your will power and make you consume more calories overall. The trick, Beller said, is to choose nutrient-rich foods and filling combos of protein and fiber. (more…)

The New York Times Highlights BrightStar Care’s Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission

We were recently thrilled to share that BrightStar Care® had received The Joint Commission’s Enterprise Champion for Quality award for 2013. The Joint Commission, a nationally recognized healthcare quality standards organization that also accredits hospitals and other health care systems, acknowledged BrightStar Care’s efforts to promote high quality health care services by its franchises through Joint Commission accreditation. Recently, the New York Times highlighted why a company would look to a third party to help measure its commitment to quality care. (more…)

6 Tips to Help Seniors Stay Active

Being active, avoiding inactivity, preventing disease and managing stress are four good ways to maximize your health, ward off infection and boost your mood. But we should take a little bit closer look at specific ways seniors can stay active. It’s easy to simply sit there and say to yourself, “I need to do something,” but for many, including seniors, people may not know exactly what will help, or more important, what they are capable of doing to make an impact. (more…)

Holiday Gifts for Seniors

For everyone from children to seniors, during the holiday season and beyond, few things can be a more valuable “gift” than being healthy and happy. But when it comes to holiday gifts for seniors, picking something tangible for an aging loved one that is as safe as it is meaningful can be difficult. BrightStar Care resident RN Sharon Roth Maguire recently shared some helpful senior gift-giving tips with and we wanted to share a few of these with you. (more…)