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Grab A Chair for Fun Fitness

Grab A Chair for Fun Fitness

By Karen Everett Watson

There will be days when a nice walk is not possible due to the weather, but don’t let that get you down! Grab a chair for you and your older loved one, put on a little light music and have some fun with these chair exercises.

Stretching your muscles keeps your body working better. If your older loved one has trouble exercising, these easy-to-do motions will encourage them to move more often. The body just works better when it’s being used. Have your loved one try as many as they are able, but don’t push it. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids and enjoy the experience. Make it as fun as possible. If you can, sit across from one another and pretend you’re mimicking each other’s movements. Pick some music you both like and make it a daily routine! You’ll sleep better and have more energy for wonderful days ahead.

These are also great if you have to work from a computer for long periods of time!

1. Neck
In a seated position, straighten your back then extend your neck muscles and move them in a big circular motion.

2. Back/Stomach
In a seated position, raise both your arms; then while lowering and raising your chin, bend your chest backwards.

3. Shoulders
In a seated position, lightly bend your elbows and very smoothly rotate your shoulders.

4. Arms
In a seated position, loosen up your arms and hands; then shake, rotating from front to rear and side to side.
5. Chest
In a seated position, bend your back against the chair and expand your chest upwards, then straighten out your arms downwards.  After that, continue the motion by bending your upper body forward.

6. Ankles
In a seated position, put your feet together lightly and pull your toes towards yourself, and then release.

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