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Safety for Seniors At Home

Safety for Seniors At Home

“Home sweet home,” “Home is where the heart is” – there are many variations of these old sayings, but the meaning never changes. For many, including seniors, home is your sanctuary and, whether you’re making dinner for friends or laying down for a nap, you deserve to feel safe and secure. Here are just a few ways to help promote safety in your home.

  • If you must have rugs in your home, make sure they have rubber backing on them, or lay out rubber mats on bathroom and kitchen floors will help to An elderly couple embraces.prevent falls. You can also purchase comfortable socks and slippers that have rubber grips on the soles to avoid losing your footing on these smooth surfaces.
  • Make sure the house is well lighted and equipped with nightlights.
  • Lock your doors, both when you are at home and when you go out, to promote peace of mind and security-for you and your home.
  • Direct electrical cords toward walls and secure them there; they should not run through walking areas.
  • Post emergency phone numbers in large print next to every telephone.
  • Install and maintain guard rails near stairs and/or ramps inside and outside of your home to ensure you will be able to grab onto something sturdy as you move in, out and about your home.
  • Look for worn areas in carpets that could catch a foot and cause a fall.
  • Get a dog! Dogs often make intruders get nervous about a barking dog and may deter them from breaking into your home. Plus, dogs make great companions and a great excuse to get out and take a stroll!
  • Remove or rearrange furniture that is difficult to walk around.
  • Audit any alarm systems you may have-fire, carbon monoxide, home security, etc.- to ensure that they have new batteries and are working properly.

Have you received great tips and advice about ways to safeguard your home? Share them here!

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