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Listening, Communication, and Senior Care in Tucson

    Caring for a loved one who is sick or requires assistance with daily tasks can turn into quite a challenge. You may have the best of intentions at heart, but also feel like you may have taken on more than you’ve bargained for at times. To help make caring for your elderly loved one easier, BrightStar Care Tucson suggests that you work on your listening skills so that you may fully understand the wants and needs of the one you are caring for.


Does Your Senior Loved One Need Companionship?

    Every family has a unique story and every individual has specific needs. At BrightStar Care, we understand that sometimes companionship for loneliness is just as important as personal care for bathing and dressing, or home support. Senior care in Tucson provides companion care services, designed especially for mature adults who are experiencing loneliness due to disability, pain, or an “empty nest”.


Home Safety with Tucson Senior Care

    June is National Safety Month, and BrightStar Care Tucson is spreading the word about home safety for seniors! You can help your elderly loved one stay safe at home by addressing a few common safety concerns. However, if your loved one often needs help – or doesn’t feel safe at home on their own — it may be time to think about in-home senior care in Tucson.


Alzheimer’s Care in Tucson Helps Families Cope with Mealtime Trials

    It’s common for most to associate Alzheimer’s disease with becoming forgetful of names and places. What many may not realize, however, is that people with Alzheimer’s also forget how to complete simple daily tasks, such as how to feed themselves or even how to chew and swallow. In some cases, the confusion about what to do with the food on a plate in front of them can also cause intense anxiety in a person with Alzheimer’s.


Recognize the Warning Signs of Heart Attack

    You may remember when someone you love had a heart attack. It can be frightening to witness the symptoms, especially if you’re unsure of what’s happening or what to do. BrightStar Care Tucson is dedicated to helping everyone in our community recognize the symptoms of a heart attack and know how to respond. Getting help quickly, even if you’re not sure it’s a heart attack, may save the life of someone you love.


When You Have To Take Away Mom’s Car Keys

    As parents age, they begin to worry about losing their independence. Losing the privilege of driving can be especially devastating. BrightStar Care understands the difficult decision you face. It’s stressful for you when your mother needs some help to keep living in her own home, but is faced with losing her driver’s license. Senior care in Tucson may be your solution.


Prevent Falls and Injuries with Home Care in Tucson

    Seniors with limited mobility and balance issues are more prone to experiencing accidents in the home than others. Many times, a fall can be a life-altering event that leaves an elderly person unable to live on their own or take care of activities of daily living such as cooking, cleaning, bathing, or dressing. When this happens, it is a good idea to seek out senior care options, including home care in Tucson from BrightStar Care.


My Mom is So Lonely. Can Senior Care in Tucson Help?

    Remember when you depended on your mom for everything? For years she cooked your meals, did your laundry, and drove you and your friends to school, sporting events, and music lessons. She may be divorced or widowed now, with children who no longer need her help with their day-to-day lives. Are you seeing signs of loneliness and depression? What can you do to help bring joy into her life again? Senior care in Tucson may be the answer.


Do You Know the Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s disease?

    For as long as I can remember my mother has been a strong independent woman. She showed us the meaning of hard work and dedication, but it all started to change when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. For many years she was the one we all turned to with our problems; but with her diagnosis, we all knew our roles would be reversed. To help us prepare and to educate ourselves on the basics of this progressive disease, we engaged Alzheimer’s care in Tucson. Mom’s caregiver was a great resource for all of us, and she helped us learn the basics of the disease. I’d like to share my new knowledge with you.


Alzheimer’s Care in Tucson Encourages Disease Awareness

    Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive neurological disorder that affects millions in the United States alone. While the disease may affect individuals differently at first, as the disease progresses there are common signs and symptoms present in every case. If you have a senior loved one you suspect of dementia, Alzheimer’s care in Tucson would like to help you recognize the basics.


This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Home Care in Tucson

    When you think about gift giving this holiday season, I highly doubt home care in Tucson comes to mind right away. However, when my mom started to have a few more health issues, I decided it would be the perfect gift for her. Don’t get me wrong, I knew she wouldn’t be too keen on the idea at first; but I knew if she just gave it a chance, she would see what a great choice it was for her.


Tucson Home Care Helps You Cope with Immobility

    Dad had been having trouble getting around for a while due to weakness and imbalance from a stroke, but it wasn’t until he fell that we realized how serious the situation was. We weren’t about to send him to a nursing home because his mind was still as sharp as it always had been, and I think the boredom would have been even worse for him. That’s when we called BrightStar Care in search of home care services in Tucson.


How Do I Find Home Care in Tucson for My Dad?

    After my dad’s fall, we knew it was no longer safe for him to live alone. With my siblings and I all living out of town, there was a huge risk for him to get hurt and no one know. While we knew we didn’t want to place my dad in a nursing home, just thinking about our search for the right Tucson senior care seemed daunting. Where do we begin? Is there anything we should do to make things easier? What should we be considering? There were so many questions as we began our journey. Your family may be in the same situation; I’d like to share what we learned.


Make the Most of Your Doctor’s Appointment with Senior Care in Tucson

    Whether you go to the doctor to keep up with your chronic illness — or you’re seeking a diagnosis for new symptoms — it is important make the most of each appointment. Preparing for your visit ahead of time can help you to remember your questions and concerns — as well as your doctor’s orders and instructions. Senior care in Tucson can help.


Protect Your Dad from Wandering with Alzheimer’s Care

    A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s can mean lifestyle adjustments for any family, especially when it concerns your mom or dad. With unusual behavior that includes disorientation, agitation and wandering, safety is one of your top concerns. Not only do you want to monitor use of home appliances and guard against trips and falls, but you will also want to be vigilant that doors and windows are fastened securely to prevent wandering.


Healthy Nutrition with Senior Home Care in Tucson

    Old or young, proper nutrition is essential for every age. When it comes to health, though, good nutritional choices are especially vital for seniors to maintain a strong immune system and protect against chronic illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. It’s not always easy, though, to plan and prepare healthful meals. BrightStar Care has your solution. Our senior care in Tucson offers aging adults companion care services for help with all sorts of daily tasks – including meal planning and preparation. Our experienced caregivers offer these suggestions for healthy eating…


Home Care in Tucson Honors Dignity and Respect

    One vital need for us as humans is the need for dignity and respect. This does not change just because we age or become ill and unable to care for ourselves. Home care providers from BrightStar Care Tucson understand that honoring and respecting our clients often improves overall quality of life.


Alzheimer’s Care in Tucson Helps Others Understand

    Learning of an Alzheimer’s diagnosis can be very difficult for both the patient and their family members. If you have taken on the role of serving as your parent’s primary caregiver, you already know how difficult it can be to explain the many ups and downs of Alzheimer’s to someone who is not familiar with the disease. The lack of information about Alzheimer’s can make explaining changes in behavior hard for others to understand. Help is at hand from BrightStar Care Tucson.


Home Care in Tucson for Diabetes

    Diabetes is a condition that affects over 380 million people all over the world, from every walk of life. This metabolic disease inhibits the body’s ability to produce enough insulin, which leads to increased glucose (or sugar) in the blood. Many people with diabetes are diagnosed early in life (Type 1 diabetes), while others are diagnosed in their later years (Type 2 diabetes). The most common symptoms that occur with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes include…


A Guide to Valentine’s Day from BrightStar Care Tucson

    Valentine’s Day is a day for commemorating love, and your elderly loved one will always appreciate a little extra attention on this special day. To help spark a few ideas for you and your aging loved one, BrighStar Care Tucson suggests a few fun ways to share the Valentine’s Day spirit.


Families Coping with Alzheimer’s Disease

    Coping with the challenges of aging is never easy for family members and loved ones, but the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease are even greater. While the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease can be mild and even subtle, the progressive nature of the illness means that things will worsen over time.


Elder Home Care in Tucson for Aging Eyes

    While many seniors retain their 20/20 vision as they age, others experience a marked decrease in visual acuity. Diseases like glaucoma are common among the elderly, and it’s important for aging adults to get their eyes checked on a regular basis.


Preventing Dehydration in Tucson with Home Care

    Dehydration is a serious issue that can do much more than simply cause us to feel thirsty. If we do not consume enough water, our body’s cells, tissue, and organs will not function correctly. While it is important that people of every age consume enough water to remain healthy and hydrated, some individuals are at a higher risk of having complications due to dehydration – including senior citizens. By ensuring proper nutrition and hydration, elder care services from BrightStar Care Tucson ensure the comfort and safety of our community’s aging adults.


Alzheimer’s Home Care in Tucson, Arizona

    Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are similar neurological conditions that worsen over time. Initial symptoms are often common to almost everyone as we age – such as forgetfulness or confusion — but symptoms for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients continue to worsen. As a family caregiver for an Alzheimer’s or dementia patient, you know that providing full time care can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with the agitation, disorientation and memory loss on a daily basis. To reduce the stress for you and your family, consider Alzheimer’s home care from BrightStar Care Tucson for assistance with daily living.


Companion Care in Tucson, Arizona Brings Comfort and Safety Home

    At BrightStar Care Tucson, our in-home companion care services are designed to assist seniors in continuing to live in the comfort of their own homes. Offering a valuable component to daily living, companion care services provide for non-medical needs such as home support and companionship.


Heart Failure and Home Care in Tucson

    BrightStar Care of Tucson knows that a diagnosis of heart failure can be frightening, but we’re here to assure you that heart failure is a manageable condition. In collaboration with your physician, our skillful home nurses offer guidance, support, companionship and medical assistance when needed.


Home Care Hints for Healthy Feet in Tucson, Arizona!

    Pain anywhere is no fun, but when your feet hurt, everything else seems to hurt, too. Good foot hygiene is essential for preventing painful or uncomfortable conditions, and BrightStar Care of Tucson offers senior home care providers to help take care of your feet — especially if you have trouble seeing or reaching them. Our home caregivers make sure your feet are in proper working order.


Recovering From Surgery – Home Care in Tucson, AZ

    Preparing for upcoming surgery requires planning – and thinking about how you will continue your daily activities during your recovery period is important. Household chores – even personal hygiene – can be difficult to accomplish after surgery. To avoid strenuous activity as you heal, consider engaging BrightStar Care in Tucson for post-op care and home support services.


Elderly Drivers in Sierra Vista, Arizona

    Caring for an elderly loved one can be difficult. There are many hard conversations, from medication management and meal preparation services to how to keep up with doctor appointments and procedures. One of the most difficult things for loved ones to deal with is driving ability. Some seniors retain their ability to drive safely into their 80s and even 90s, while others begin to decline decades earlier. In some cases, the changes are so gradual that the senior may not notice them.


Bathing and Hygiene Help for Dementia Patients

    Many aging adults who have late-stage dementia become withdrawn during bathing and other hygiene activities, while others may become highly agitated and combative. This can be an incredibly stressful time for you and your loved one.


Staying Active with Age in Tucson

    Staying mentally and physically active tends to become more difficult as we age. Whether it’s due to physical ailments (such as osteoporosis, arthritis, poor balance or poor vision), lack of mobility or little motivation, many seniors lead sedentary lifestyles. One of the easiest ways to help a senior loved one become active is to engage companion care services from BrightStar Care of Tucson.


Organizing Medications for Safety

    If you are only taking one or two medications each day, you probably do not need much help to stay compliant with the wishes of your doctor. Dealing with one or two medications might require nothing more than keeping all the prescription bottles in a safe place and getting them out at mealtimes.


How Home Care Assistance Can Prevent Falls

    There are numerous reasons why elderly people are more likely to fall in the home. Poor eyesight, reduced mobility and chronic illnesses that influence balance or coordination are among the most common such reasons. It becomes easier to trip on the edges of rugs, lose balance because of electrical cords, fall down when a pet crosses your path or bump into furniture. Indeed, it is estimated that around one in three people over the age of 65 falls each year.


Senior Care in Tucson

    For many seniors, even those dealing with health issues or the impact of aging on everyday life, remaining in the comfort of the home is very important. It’s a way to retain a level of independence and it’s a way to feel comfortable and safe in familiar surroundings. Some families worry about their senior loved ones and wonder if staying at home is the best thing, but they don’t yet want to make the choice of a nursing home or assisted living facility. At BrightStar Care of Tucson, we have an excellent alternative for your family: in-home senior care.


Can Your Loved One Benefit from Companion Care?

    At BrightStar Care of Tucson, we know that sometimes in-home care is about more than just health or illness related issues. Sometimes what is needed is a caring companion who can assist with those everyday things that time, circumstances, age, and some ailments have made difficult to get to. Family caregivers may need a break so that they have the time to deal with issues in their own lives. And sometimes it’s just important to have friendly, compassionate support for those who aren’t able to be as social or active as they used to be. That is why we offer Companion Care.


Tips for Preventing Falls in the Home

    Most of the time, when someone has a fall that results in an injury, that fall happens at home, the one place where people believe themselves to be safe. Falls can cause bruises, tissue damage, and even broken bones. Seniors are particularly susceptible to injuries from falling, and a huge part of providing elderly home care is to help make a home safer from falls. Whether you are choosing to have assisted living care for a senior in Tucson, or you are going to provide the care on your own, you need to take some steps to fall proof your home.


Advantages of In Home Health Care

    Have you been thinking about the possibility of choosing in home health care for your loved one? Many in Tucson who want to have the best for family members who are getting older and who need some medical help are considering this option. Most seniors abhor the idea of leaving the home they know and love to go into a nursing facility. They want to be happy, and they want to be in an environment that they know and trust. Working with a home health care professional can make this possible. Let’s look at all of the advantages that this type of service can offer in addition to the comfort of being at home.


The Benefits of Tai Chi for Elderly People

    When it comes to looking after your elderly parent, home care in Green Valley, AZ is always a good idea. However, so is making sure your parent gets the exercise they need. Low impact exercises for seniors are especially helpful. Of all their options, one popular form worth considering is Tai Chi.


What Are the Benefits of Companion Care Services in Tucson?

    From seniors to younger individuals with health, mobility or medical problems, the prospect of living alone with confidence and security is pretty bleak. These individuals share a number of commonalities, including the fact that they find it incredibly difficult to get around and do things for themselves. In some instances, even basic chores become impossible, much less handling tasks like going to the grocery store. This is where companion care services come in. What is companion care, and what are the benefits?


Take a Second to Breathe—New Mother Support

    It’s time to look around and face facts: your house is a mess. Whether you and your partner work full time, or you’re a mother who just can’t keep on top of the kids’ seemingly endless energy for turning the house into a tornado zone, or you’re getting up there in years and simply don’t have the energy for cleaning, taking care of it yourself just isn’t an option anymore. You need help! And BrightStar Care’s home support services in Tucson are just the thing. A clean house does wonders for your mood and peace of mind, and is also an important part of maintaining your family’s health and hygiene. So let us do the dirty work.


Time to Clean House in Tucson

    It’s time to look around and face facts: your house is a mess. Whether you and your partner work full time, or you’re a mother who just can’t keep on top of the kids’ seemingly endless energy for turning the house into a tornado zone, or you’re getting up there in years and simply don’t have the energy for cleaning, taking care of it yourself just isn’t an option anymore. You need help! And BrightStar Care’s home support services in Tucson are just the thing. A clean house does wonders for your mood and peace of mind, and is also an important part of maintaining your family’s health and hygiene. So let us do the dirty work.


Caregiver Burden Stress and Alzheimer’s Disease

    The caregiver role is one that can be tremendously stressful and sometimes even more so for those caring for persons diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Typical issues related to senior caregiver burden are learning how to balance work life, family life, and other aspects of your personal life with the new and very challenging responsibilities of caring for an aging parent or loved one.


Tips for Preventing Falls

    There is a pattern to falls in the elderly, which typically begins with some level of fear and anxiety about falling.According to the National Safety Council, nearly one in every three older adults, aged 65 and older, will have at least one fall in their lifetime.Unfortunately, falls often lead to moderate or severe bodily injuries, such as broken hips, head trauma, or worse, death.


No Need for a Nursing Home for Your Seniors in Tucson, AZ

    Elderly men and women who make their home in Tucson, Arizona have no desire to spend their golden years stuffed away in a skilled nursing facility. They are independent spirits, and just because they are unable to do all of the things they used to do on their own, it does not mean they need to go into a nursing facility. Many seniors worry so much about losing their freedom by going to a nursing home that they try to hide their issues and the things that they can’t do on their own. This could result in dehydration, malnutrition, and other health issues.


Seniors in Tucson, AZ Do Well With Home Care Services

    Aging seniors in Tucson, AZ often fear that they may one day have to move into a skilled nursing facility. No one enjoys the thought that they might one day have to give up their home and the things they love. They shudder at the idea of leaving the things they know, their family and their friends to have to live in a nursing home. They worry about their pets as well as what will become of them, and they do not know how they will react to living in a new environment with all new rules. Thinking these things is terrible for anyone’s health, and could be even worse for a senior who already has health problems. These thoughts can bring on depression, illness, and more.


Ways Companion Care Can Help Your Aging Parent in Green Valley, AZ

    Most people are grateful to have good friends and it doesn’t stop as we age. Remember the theme song from “The Golden Girls?” If your elderly parent or relative is not quite yet to the phase of needing in-home care in Green Valley, AZ but could just use more social stimulation, consider BrightStar Care’s Companion Care program.


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