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Even more than who we are and what we say is what we do. The true measure of the services that we provide is that we met and exceeded the expectations of those in our care and their families. Nestled deep within each unique client story is all that our caregivers are making possible – more flexibility, more security, more hope. And while we could just tell you about the kind of work we do, there is nobody better able to speak to the kind of care that BrightStar provides than those we serve on a daily basis.

The BrightStar Care Team is greatly appreciative of the compliments we receive from those who work here, and from those whom we care for.  We are proud to share a few example of these testimonials.

“Elizabeth is not only a care taker, but a family member! We just love her! My Dad is very comfortable with her. She is very calm and comforting and loving. Elizabeth enables Steve and I to have a normal life!! We can get our exercise in , work,go out to dinner, spend time with friends, family etc. Even though we still have plenty to do for my dad, we don’t feel trapped and over whelmed!! I admire people that can take care of family members 24/7 it’s a huge commitment!! Your service makes life so much easier! Elizabeth spends most of the day sitting with my dad making sure all of  his needs are met! Some how she manages to make the beds , sweep the floor, loads the dishwasher, keeps the bathroom clean!! She also will cook if I need her to! Elizabeth is self motivated! She is also very flexible with her schedule. She even goes to church with my Dad and I! Everyone should have an Elizabeth! She is like a sister I never had! Thank you so much” 

Mary R.


“You might want to consider calling Brightstar… They provide top-notch services and you can access them 24/7. I am very familiar with their office in Lafayette and their senior care.  They are top-notch.”

– Dana L. Wiltsek, MA, ASW, Health Advocate, Heartwood Health, Inc.


Rene asked that Jason Z be recognized for his outstanding attention to detail, above average performed on assigned duties, self-initiative, and maintaining composure in events of difficulty.  Other staff have made multiples comments on what a pleasure it is to work with him.”

– Jennifer, R. – Hospice of the East Bay


“I am so grateful to BrightStar for all your good care and kindness to my sister during the time you looked after her care.”

– Denise W.


“I think that Bright Star is an excellent agency.  Both Deria and Eliana are intelligent, cooperative caregivers and very nice people to work with.  Having caregivers arrive on time is important to me. I’ve been a tad frustrated by Deria’s sometimes not coming on time, but she’s getting better at that.  Overall, I like her very much and look forward to her continued service.  Likewise Eliana as substitute caregiver.  Equal praise for the office staff.  Everyone there has been extremely helpful, providing immediate help whenever I’ve needed it.”

– Lynn Schneider


“I wish to acknowledge and advise your management of the attention and care I received from Denise S. during her in-home instructional visit on July 31st.  Although I had some previous experience in self injections, Denise educated me and my husband on all the proper techniques, including some of which I was not aware.  Her personality and professionalism created a relaxed setting in which we could learn.  Please express our gratitude to Denise.”

– Garrison Grace


“M.S. is very bright, articulate, and good-humored. She communicates well with me and Allen, and I don’t know which is more difficult to do. Thank you for sending her this Sunday, and if she’s available in the future, please consider assigning her as a caregiver for Allen.

– Care Manager

“First off, I would like you to know HOW IMPRESSED I am with you, Tori, David and your entire Health care staff.  Within 2 hours of my initial phone call your competent and caring staff had overnight care arranged and at our doorstep.  My mother and I are very grateful for your support during this difficult time.”

– Lelia T.


“…everyone from your office staff and caregivers and nurses provided excellent care and attention during Gene’s illness.  We would especially like to thank Keren …She is gifted in this work and was a great support to me as well”

– Sandy S.


“Don’t change a thing.  Outstanding and professional work…Thank you.”

– Ali Q.


“Your staff was always willing to work things through with different members of our large family and with the various other care-givers assisting my uncle.  The various staff you provided always had his best care in mind.  We especially want to thank April for the extra steps she took…she is blessed with a caring attitude…”

– Tony S.


“I think that one of the things that I sometimes find hard to believe is the amount of positive feedback that I get….It’s nice now to work for a company that has a healthy family vibe.”

– Erik H. RN, BSN


“You were so wonderful to work with, and you are a huge inspiration to me, you really helped build my confidence and a nurse.”

– April V

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