Lewy Body Dementia Care: a Husband's Home Care Story

It was almost a disaster, when Sue Ramsey first came to us six months ago to help bring my wife Carolyn back home from a broken neck rehab,  she slipped on our dreadful winter ice and went down faster than my reaction time allowed.  I thought “oh-no – not another broken bone” but like jack in the box she was up and putting the wheel chair in the trunk without even a grunt.  She bounces back like that under every situation.  Nothing floors her – except the ice.  You can your watch by her morning entry, and the dialogue between my wife and her would do in any comedy show.  It is a laugh a minute.  She sees stuff that needs to be done that I never thought of doing.  Our cat needed 10 days of antibiotics via the mouth, an di couldn’t manage it.  Sue picked up the cat, did the job, and the cat purred wondrously.  She has real insight into Carolyn’s needs and figures them out before they can be spoken about and does something about them.  She creates lunches from nothing and makes the bed faster than superwoman.   Carolyn’s condition is Lewy Body Dementia, a form of Alzheimer’s Disease, and it’s not easy to get her moving at the best of times.  Tough transfers they are indeed.  Sue monitored our visiting physical therapists and after they left she was able to emulate their rehabilitative exercises – much to my wife’s benefit. There is a gradual improvement in Carolyn’s condition for the time being.  This in part due to medication; but it also due to lively personal interaction with people, and Sue is at the center of that wither her entry into our lives.  I believe that a large part of that gradual healing is Sue’s transfusion of her life into Carolyn’s through love, laughter, care and rare tears.  She has said that she is with us to the end and what a comfort that brings.   It is a huge moment for us each weekday when she arrives.  Life without Sue would be difficult and dull.  With her it is much easier and big.  We Love her.