Quality Caregiver: A Husband's Home Care Story

My wife, AL, has dementia and I am her POA (Power-of-Attorney).  Her caregiver’s name is EC. My wife’s dementia has progressed significantly in the past year and has demanded significantly more attention, care and understanding.  In addition, she has physical concerns that affect her walking and balance.  It can be said without equivocation that providing services for a dementia patient in the beginning or intermediate phases has its unique challenges, but as that condition progresses, the needs become more demanding.  EC has performed well in adjusting to the changing needs, in terms of AL’s psychological and physical needs. Despite her own challenges as a single mother with children, EC has managed to departmentalize in good fashion (can be depended upon to show-up and take on her client responsibilities with dedication and purpose).  She goes out of her way at times, re-arranging her own life to accommodate that of AL.  For example, she is willing to make changes in her personal schedule to come early or stay late when unforeseen conditions arise (doctor visits may exceed the time anticipated, etc.). In these cases, she has made last minute arrangements for baby sitters or changed her own appointments.  It’s my judgment she does this out of dedication versus gain.  It is not just the “doing”, but also the quality of same. Amongst other things, the services provided include: keeping a continuous record of blood pressure; heart rate; providing pill reminders, cooking, some cleaning, laundry, arranging clothing; taking AL to hair-dressing appointments, and taking her shopping.  I believe EC is deserving of an opportunity to enhance her educational experience. She has expressed a desire in the past to build upon and seek advancement in the medical field.  Based on her current performance,  I foresee her as a positive contribution to any future role she plays – medical or otherwise.  Lastly, without her services I could not be as effective in managing AL’s other needs and the household.  I believe she’s a great asset to BrightStar and her clients.