Companion Care: About Amy's Caregiving

Amy is unique. From the first day that she came to me as an aide, I recognized her as a highly talented and caring individual. Not only is she attractive and soft-spoken, but her capacity in so many areas is incredible. Amy is intelligent, sensible, creative, and personally humble. She is a whiz at my computer, knowledgeable when I don’t feel well and exceedingly sympathetic.  Amy’s philosophy is to think positive and rain-or-shine she lives up to it.  In the months she has been my companion, Amy has never criticized me or another person. If she sees someone in trouble physically, she runs to help. She anticipates what my needs are and gracefully and quietly fulfills them. I have never seen her take advantage of me or another, and it appears that everyone knows and likes her.  Add to this, Amy has a great sense of humor and we both prefer laughter to tears. This begs the questions: is Amy perfect?  If not, I have yet to know.  I find her to unusual, delightful, talented in countless ways, and a rare human being.