Child Care: First-Time Parents' Home Care Story

“BrightStar was there when we needed them the most.  

We are first time parents and enjoying our time with our 4-month old daughter.  But, when I went back to work, she began the daycare experience and encountered the ‘daycare sickies.’

She picked up a stomach virus and needed someone to feed her a very small amount of fluid every 5 minutes to ensure that she did not become dehydrated.  When my husband and I both caught her stomach virus (despite going through what seemed to be a gallon of Purell) and were unable to maintain her required feedings from our respective places on the bathroom floor, BrightStar was there – even at 3am!  

I called Debbie, the BrightStar Branch Manager, around 3am and an experienced nurse, Brian, was at our home by 6am.  Brian even brought us some Sprite to help ease our stomachs!  Brian was wonderful with our daughter – not only did he maintain her necessary feedings, but he changed her, administered her medicine, and most importantly – comforted and played with her.  

At a time when caring for a sick daughter seemed overwhelming to a pair of “green” parents, BrightStar was there!”

Whether you’re a new parent or an old pro, BrightStar understands the value of finding gentle, dedicated caregivers to provide quality newborn care and support when you need it most. Whatever your childcare needs, whether it’s ongoing nanny care, baby care at 3 a.m. or pediatric nursing, we can help. Contact us and let us know how.