Personal Care: A Spouse's Home Care Story

“I am writing this email to let you know what an impact your services have made on my family. We have been using Patrick several days per week to assist my husband who is disabled. My husband had his legs crushed 30+ years ago and his shoulders are in bad shape from constantly using his upper extremities. He can walk very short distances and predominantly uses an electric wheelchair.

Patrick has changed our lives. Over the last 30 years, we have always taken care of ourselves. Before my husband’s accident, he was very independent and had many hobbies and interests. It becomes overwhelming to him when he can not do the things he wants to do. Patrick comes over and takes care of him with passion, understanding, and helps him not only emotionally but he will help him do many things that keeps my husband exercising, motivated and feeling like a normal human being, instead of an invalid.

I have also obtained a more normalcy because it frees me to do other things that need to be done during those hours that Patrick is with us. I feel that my husband is safer in his own environment whenever he is not alone.
Bright Star is very dependable making certain we are satisfied with our services.
Thank you Bright Star!”