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Home care in Crofton, MD

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Anne Arundel County, MD Home Care Staff Benefits

We know why you became a care professional. You wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, and you wanted a career that offered more — more choice, more flexibility, more opportunity, more potential, more success, and more satisfaction. At BrightStar Care®, you can have all of that, and more.

The BrightStar Care® benefits program delivers real value to everyone who works with us because it is designed to meet your individual needs and circumstances. The details outlined below are just part of our package and includes competitive base salaries, incentive pay opportunities and additional value-added benefits that allow our employees to enjoy a high quality of life and personal success.

BrightStar Care® believes in the concept of sharing more – more joy, more flexibility, more success. Each of our employees, whether they are in geriatric nursing care or a home health aide, can become eligible for participation in a structured bonus plan that is directly dependent upon meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers, as well as reaching our own goals as a company. Our success is dependent upon the daily efforts of our employees, at each of their staffing assignments. By recognizing their success in meeting our high standards of service, we attract the skilled and motivated employees who are the foundation of our success.

  • Competitive Pay Rates: BrightStar strives to be the highest paying home care agency in the area.
  • Shift Incentives: Incentives may be offered and added to hourly rates for hard to fill shifts and/or shifts that require immediate assistance. Opportunities to work these shifts are offered to the entire staff. All staff has an opportunity to earn incentive rates.
  • Quarterly Employee Recognition Program: BrightStar provides an opportunity for all staff to earn a Quarterly Recognition Award of $100. All that is required is that you work 80 hours a month, arrive early to your shifts and not call out of the shifts you accept. Specific details are included in this handbook.
  • Overtime: All hours that you work over 40 in a week, will paid at overtime rates or time and a half. Overtime hours are available weekly if you are available to work last minute or call out shifts.
  • Holiday Pay: If you work one of the holidays listed below you will receive time and a half.  The holiday is from 12:00 midnight when the holiday starts to 11:59 p.m. on the day of the holiday.  The identified holidays include: New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
  • Referral Bonuses: BrightStar will pay you $75 for every employee you refer and we hire.  Specific details are contained in this handbook.
  • Weekly Pay: BrightStar pays its staff on a weekly basis. Every Friday you will be paid either by direct deposit or on a debit card.  The debit card option is free and offers many benefits.
  • CPR Classes Provided Free: A current and valid CPR license is a requirement to be an active member on our staff.
  • Pre-Tax 401k Retirement Investing:  Once you have worked for BrightStar for one year and worked 1000 hours in any year, you will be eligible to contribute to a pre-tax 401k plan that is then available to you when you retire or reach the age of 59½.  BrightStar has the option to match a percentage of the funds you invest, based on annual profits.
  • Annual Employee Celebration and Awards: Each year, BrightStar will sponsor an afternoon luncheon and awards celebration.  Each staff member is allowed to bring a guest, including their client, if they are working at the time.  Lunch and refreshments are provided and awards and prizes are given to those caregivers that have demonstrated exceptional service, compassion and empathy to our clients and their families.

Our standards are high. Our goals are challenging. We are seeking those people who are willing to work with us to achieve them, and in turn share in the rewards of exceeding our clients’ expectations. Are you ready to provide A Higher Standard of Care? Call your local office for additional benefit information at 410.697.3527