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BrightStar Care of Appleton: Client Testimonials

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Every client that we encounter has a unique story.
Many of our clients have influenced our lives just as much as we have helped theirs.
It is the spirit of BrightStar Home Care of Appleton/Fox Cities/Waupaca, WI to provide more - more joy, more results and more peace of mind.


"When my mom suddenly struggled with her dementia and my father could no longer care for her on his own, we sought out in-home care. My parents had always made their wishes known that they wanted to stay in their home and we were going to try to honor that as long as possible. We started with a different in-home care provider, found the staff unqualified and questionable, and quickly contacted Brightstar. The Brightstar caregivers were very professional and the entire staff was always open to work with us to improve my mom's cognitive functioning. I can't tell you how reassuring it is to have the one-to-one care 24 hours a day. It is truly the best situation for everyone in the family."

- Joan M.


"Our sister Mary passed away from ALS in November 2014.
During the last six months of her life we retained the services of BrightStar.
Initially we only needed help
for two hours a day but for the last three weeks of her life we had 23 hour coverge.
One of Mary's primary wishes was to remain at home throughout her illness.
We cannot thank BrighStar enough for ther reliable, professional, dedicated and ompassionate care all the staff provided whic allwed us to keep Mary home thus fulfilling her primary wish.
Mary was a retired nurse and she often commented on the quality of care she recieved from her BrighStar care givers.
During hte same time period, there was major road construction being done on our street.
The staff of BrighStar needed to park blocks away, and avoid the may physical barries to get in our home for the majoyety of theose 6 montsh.
They never compleained and dealt with it with upmost professionalism.
We will not hesitate to utilized the services of BrightStar again in the future if needed and we would not hesitate to recommend BrightStar to others."

- Ellen, Patrick & Michael Courtney


"We were so pleased with the care our Father received. He was totally against having someone come into give him a bath. With in a few times he looked forwad to her coming. Didn't always want his bath, but sure enjoyed the visit. She was so nice to him.
She treated him as we all would want to be treated, with Love!"

- B. Peterson


"Our dad had a sudden onset of paralysis discovered to be caused by a terminal cancer. We wanted him to be able to spend his last months in his own home. BrightStar enabled us to have dad at home by spending 8-10 hours of care and companionship Monday through Friday for four months. Their incredible compassion and excellent care gave us no cause for any concern. All of the nursing and supportive staff helped Dad and us deal with both the mental and physical burden of such a life altering diagnosis and prognosis. It was their care that allowed us to maintain our homes and jobs until we were needed at his bedside when his final days were upon us. My entire family would have no problem recommending BrightStar for any home care needs. We are eternally grateful."

- Susan Lamers


"My father and my family and I were very blessed by the care you gave us.
I am very thankful that the is a company like this around for families.
You have a staff who are very caring, loving and (bright) notice our list name - O'Bright.
Keep up the great work that you do.
If I need BrightStar in the future you will at the top of my list.
And I will recommend BrightStar to everyone.
I will also look into putting you down on Angies List. "

- Glenn O'Bright


"My Father and I, as his caregiver, have been clients of BrightStar for 4 years.
Recently, my Dad became very weak due to an infection and it came on suddenly.
I found myself not being able to transfer him without assistance and had no one to turn to.
I called the BrightStar scheduler, Sharon, and told her my situation and my need for immediate help.
She didn't hesitate and said she would find me someone that day!
We have had nightly help from two fantastic aides, Amy S. and Amy Y.
Not only do they help with transfers, but they have given me numerous hints to help Dad when they aren't there.
BrightStar has made it possible for me to keep my Dad at home and are my heroes!"

- Karen D.


“We used BrightStar services for nine months. They provided companionship for my mother while we were able to keep her and care for in our home. Without BrightStar, we would not have been able to keep mom at home. She always looked forward to having one of the ladies come in the morning. It made her days more pleasant and gave her a reason to get up in the morning.”

- E.T.


My dad was not able to attend my upcoming wedding and we had no one to stay with him. Barb from BrightStar met with my dad, my sister and I and helped us determine who would be best suited for our needs. We then met with Katherine (caregiver) and immediately felt comfortable. She exceeded our expectations and made my wedding day stress-free for our family and especially for my dad. We now use Brightstar twice a month for our ‘date’ night. They are a pleasure to work with and feel like family!

Karen D.


I only had two experiences with BrightStar and they were both very positive. My mother who is at a local Assisted Living Facility needed some personal foot care. I called BrightStar and they immediately responded. They put my mother at ease, she is very impatient. At one of her sessions – and again she was not very patient, your staff was so wonderful. I came after she had started and could listen to her conversation with my mother and she was so sweet. BrightStar has been everything a daughter would want for her mother. I would highly recommend you to anyone.”

- Kathleen B.


“Excellent care was provided. Staff was not only professional but displayed genuine care for my wife. The nurse went out of her way to respond to an emergency call and then stayed to provide extra care and service that was not scheduled.”

- Roger J. Johnson


“The caregivers were respectful of my wife Marilyn’s needs at all times. They always acted in a professional manner and arrived on time. It was a comfort to me, just having the caregivers here. The caregivers worked well with the Hospice staff. BrightStar has a great staff of care givers. I really thank all of you, from the bottom of my heart, for the fine service you gave to Marilyn and I.”

- Douglas B.


“From the beginning, nurse Deb was both professional and compassionate. Not only did she provide excellent care bathing my father, but also in monitoring his vitals and keeping me appraised of changes in his skin conditions as well as behaviors. Dad liked her and her company.”

- G.P.


"BrightStar is a wonderful company to work with. Everyone was very professional and took care of any needs we had. Our family felt confident that if there was anything that needed attention with our father the caregiver would find it. Deb not only took care of our father, but became a friend to our mother. She was able to make my parents feel like she was a part of the family, which brought them great comfort. Deb was confident, caring and is a great person."

- Marjorie B.


"Having Jera come to my mom’s house to help her with her weekly needs gave my mom a level of security.
She was able to stay at home knowing she had someone to depend on.
Everyone was so helpful and caring.
Thank you so very much!
Jera was great and a great fit for my mom! "

- Minna Ponto