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11/13 CE Course: Ethics in the Care of People with Dementia

November 7th, 2018

Ethics in the Care of People with Demetia

CE CLASS 11/13/18 Featuring Daniel Kuhn, LCSW, Vice President of Education, All Trust Home Care

Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias gradually threaten one’s autonomy. However, an individual’s desire to remain independent may conflict with one’s need for safety, especially if insight and judgment are impaired.

Trying to determine what is right or wrong in a given situation may be problematic, creating ethical dilemmas for all concerned. This session will describe ethics within the context of dementia, highlight tools for ethical decision-making and illustrate ethical principles through a number of case examples commonly seen among those living with dementia.

Following this presentation the participant will be able to:
• Define ethics and identify ethical principles
• Explain ethical dilemmas in dementia care
• Identify tools for making ethical decisions
• Understand the use of ethical principles through case examples