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Is your fear of COVID lessening?

A New Attitude About COVID-19 Is Spreading in Appleton

There are people who no longer fear COVID-19 in Appleton. The lack of fear may stem from the reality that contracting Covid may not be a big deal for most people. The country's new acceptance of the spread of COVID-19 and our relaxed attitudes towards the spread may stem from frustration with the costs of pandemic precautions, including:

  • The loss of learning from closed schools
  • The isolation from social distancing
  • The nationwide rise in blood pressure, drug overdoses, mental health problems, and more

Hospitalization rates for children and vaccinated people under 50 years old remain low. But one major point of caution: Covid presents a "meaningful amount of risk" to seniors, even if they are vaccinated. "It's too soon to know whether Omicron will change the situation, but the safest assumption — absent more data — is that Covid will remain dangerous for the elderly." "There is good reason for older adults to continue to try to avoid becoming infected because the risk for hospitalization in that age group is still significant," says Dr. Shelli Farhadian of Yale University.

The risks for the elderly are severe: "A rate of 0.45 percent, for instance, translates into roughly a 1 in 220 chance of death for a vaccinated 75-year-old woman who contracts Covid. If the risks remain near these levels with Omicron, they may lead to more U.S. deaths and more hospitalizations."

The good news is, "there are reasons to believe that Omicron's death rate may be lower. Three new studies released yesterday suggested that Omicron causes milder illness on average than earlier versions of the virus. "I would guess that the mortality risk with Omicron is much smaller" than with earlier variants," Dr. George Rutherford of the University of California, San Francisco, said.

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