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BrightStar Care of Arlington Assists Social Workers to Coordinate Patient Care After a Hospitalization or Medical Treatment

July 21st, 2018

Coordinating Patient Care after Hospitalization or Medical Treatment

Social workers and hospital discharge planners coordinate with home health agencies such as BrightStar Care to help patients manage medication, wound care, and personal care at home after a hospitalization or medical treatment. They also help facilitate skilled home nursing services, including infusion therapy.

BrightStar Care of Arlington works with discharge planners and Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) to support a patient's hospital discharge and help create a recovery care plan.    

Social workers create discharge plans as part of the need to help patients cope with their illnesses, and as a way to help them navigate through the hospital system so they may return home with the necessary support for their recovery and health issues. Their services include assessments of individual needs, formulation of a safe discharge plan, and working with home health agencies like BrightStar Care to implement their plan and ensure the patient is safe and receiving services at home. Discharge planning is the main way health care providers ensure that patients’ needs are met after hospital discharge. In most cases, home care enables patients to safely return home to fully recover.

BrightStar Care of Arlington works closely with discharge planners, physician offices, and social workers to ensure continuation of care at home after hospitalization.   

To learn more about our transition care services and how we support patient care and treatment at home, please visit our website.


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