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Senior Home Care for Safety and Fall Prevention

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Although falls are common among the elderly, there's no reason to assume that they aren't preventable. Senior care from BrightStar Care in Monroe can assist in minimizing the risk of a fall for you or your elderly loved one. Our caregivers are highly trained and knowledgeable, enabling them to help prevent falls, including for those who need specialized dementia care.

Falls at Home

A fall can be caused by something as unexpected as a temporary bout of dizziness to something as accidental as an improperly placed pair of shoes or footstool. Risk factors for falls include:

  • Mobility issues
  • Loss of vision
  • Home hazards
  • Health conditions and dizziness

Mobility issues often arise as a person ages or becomes ill. Unfortunately, many elderly become less mobile due to the fear of falling, placing them at even greater risk of injury. Senior companionship minimizes that risk. Home hazards include a wide array of circumstances that can arise from an individual's difficulty to fully care for their home as well as misplaced. Companion care providers help to prevent this type of situation by continually monitoring for risks. Common hazards around the home that might lead to an accidental fall include:

  • Extension cords
  • Area rugs and carpet runners
  • Poor lighting
  • Misplaced shoes, slippers and other personal items
  • Furniture that has been moved

Dizziness may be caused by any of the following circumstances:

  • Medication
  • Illness
  • Change in blood pressure or blood sugar level
  • Muscle fatigue or dehydration

Engaging home care assistance from BrightStar Care in Monroe offers assistance from home caregivers who:

  • Monitor homes for safety
  • Assist with ambulation care
  • Help with personal care and hygiene tasks to prevent bathroom slips and falls
  • Assist with daily exercise, if possible, to strengthen muscles and improve balance and flexibility

A senior care provider also ensures safety by providing home support services such as light household chores and transportation services.

For more information about home care services from BrightStar Care in Monroe, contact us today at (706) 548-0100.