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BrightStar Care of Baltimore City / County: Client Testimonials

A Message from Your Baltimore Homecare and Medical Staffing Providers

The answer to your question is “Yes, we can!” Just tell us what you need and we’ll custom tailor a service plan and make all of the necessary arrangements. We are here to help our clients and their families live their best by providing the highest quality in-home care services. Let us know how we can be of service.
We proudly provide home care services to residents of Baltimore, Lutherville-Timonium, Pikesville, Towson Maryland and surrounding areas.

Kathy Carter, Brightstar Care's 2016 National Caregiver of the year

A Client's Grattitude:

"My father is 84 years old and was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer last week.

At the last minute this past Friday, he was unexpectedly discharged from the hospital.  At 12:30, I called Lynn  (the owner) in a panic to ask for Bright Star's home health care.  I knew them as they had previously provided great care to my mother.  Within one hour, she was at my house, and started the admission process. Two hours after that, Lynn arranged for the CNA to come to prepare for my father's arrival. C__,the CNA, was the most professional, knowledgeable, empathetic, caregiver/human being I have ever met. 
She helped our family get acclimated to what was going on, and what to expect. In addition to C__,we have been fortunate to have many other wonderful health care providers since my father has come home to us. We owe Bright Star much gratitude for all they have done, and do for us."
J.N., Daughter in Baltimore

From a nephew regarding his 94 year-old aunt in Pikesville: 
“Visited Aunt Y yesterday and she looked the best I’ve seen her in many months. She was in the lobby and I then went up to her room to see if she needed supplies.  I ran into Ingrid from Brightstar and she asked if I could pick up 6 pairs of socks and container of baby powder (which I dropped off later in the day while Ingrid was still there).
When I was speaking to Ingrid she began telling me what she does for Aunt Y  during the day.  She is not the “usual” aide but rather  very involved with the patient.  Some other aides just sit there, but Ingrid makes sure that she is walking with the walker for exercise, encourages het to have more food for breakfast besides coffee and does some of her laundry at home so that things are not missing.  She also showed me some apparatus that she got from the rehab that she was in that helps Aunt Y.  Didn’t quite understand what she was showing me but she seemed to feel that it is a benefit to Aunt Y.
Just yesterday after my visit, I said to my wife that what Brightstar (Ingrid) is doing is more than an child can do for a parent. It was Y’s daughter, Rose (since deceased) who arranged this whole long-term life insurance policy that is enabling this to happen.  Rose was good at that sort of thing.  But I doubt if  Rose had Ingrid’s patience or could do with Y what Ingrid is doing, day in and day out.    If Y makes it to her next birthday – the big 95—this August—Ingrid will have had a large part in this.  What a great asset you (we) have.  We are so fortunate.”

My name is KK and I am the main caregiver for my 93 year-old mother, AK.  BrightStar has provided care for her for more than two years.  Physically I can no longer do all of Mom’s care on my own.  I love my Mom but it is truly exhausting providing her care.  Those caregivers have given me some of my life back.  I have even been able to take on being President of my garden club.  BrightStar has been a life changer and I tell by friends and acquaintances that they should be using BrightStar for their loved ones.
Kathy Carter has provided care to my mother for several years. She is one of many caregivers that provide her care. Kathy loves her clients and it shows in everything that she does. She provides great care to my mother and goes well beyond my expectations of a CNA.  One example: my Mom’s bed rails were not working and Kathy figured out the problem and fixed it. 
She is able to get my Mom to do things that I cannot and other caregivers are unable to do.  She is the only one that can get my Mom to swallow her large pills. She gets her to swallow food and medicine unlike anyone else. She gets her to chew food.  She gets my Mom to exercise and even laugh while doing it. Kathy is a miracle worker!  My Mom can be very difficult and Kathy never gets upset or angry at my Mom’s words or actions. She is able to calm her and redirect her and never takes my Mom’s anger personally.  Kathy gets my Mom engaged and makes conversation.  She listens to her and really responds to what Mom is saying. You can hear Kathy’s caring in all that she says to my mom and see it in all that she does for my Mom.
Kathy has also trained me to do a better job moving and rotating my Mom and avoiding bed sores.  While we were waiting for a hospital bed she showed me how to do this and how to change Mom without needing to stand on the bed above her as I had been doing. She has made some suggestions on better pillows to help with her skin care.  She is a role model for the other caregivers and tries to train them on what works best with Mom.  On a day Kathy was not here one of my other BrightStar caregivers saved Mom’s life, noticing the signs of a stroke and calling 911. 
During the blizzard Kathy made it here to make sure my Mom had care and stayed until relief arrived.  I could say more, but Kathy loves seniors and it shows and her clients clearly know it as well.

KK, Daughter of a patient in Mt. Washington

My name is JE.  I am classified as a paraplegic by my insurance company.  The owner of BrightStar is writing my words down for me. I was a truck driver and was in a catastrophic accident.  I have received care from BrightStar in Baltimore since 2011.  When I have had medical issues I have had visits from BrightStar RNs and LPNs who were also very nice. I have twice daily visits from CNAs. I am bedbound and use a Hoyer lift to get out of bed. Since 2011 I have lived as the youngest resident an Assisted Living facility. My neighbors are lots of seniors many years older than me.  Almost all of my care is provided by BrightStar. I have had many CNAs over the years but Kathy Carter is clearly the “BEST”. 
She is a very good listener.  She asks and wants to know how I want things done for my care. She, like most CNAs, has her own way of doing things.   She puts that aside and asks me how I want to be bathed and then does it my way.  She remembers and does it consistently “my way.”   She goes out of her way to make sure other BrightStar CNAs also know my preferences about my care.  She has come on her own time to train them when she heard that I was not happy with how they were doing things.  BrightStar has sent her to train other staff on providing me great care. Kathy always goes above and beyond what other CNAs do. She maintains her professionalism but does what makes you happy.  Before she leaves she asks if I was, “100% happy with my care.”
Kathy has lots of “positive energy,” exemplified by her constant smiles.  I am always happier when she walks in my room!  She is also my pep team.  In the past I have gotten depressed about my condition and my inability to make things better for my family.  Kathy picks up on my mood and does her best to get me out of my “funk”.  She always is a good listener.  She talks with me about my problems, not so much offering advice as encouraging me to think through the alternatives and to be glad for what I do have in my life.
I have an Electrical Stimulation Bike for arm and leg exercise. When it was not working she made calls to the company and she figured out how to fix it for me.  I feel so much better when I exercise.  When my air bed was broken she called the company and got it fixed.  She is willing to do whatever it takes to provide me great care and does it in such a professional manner. 
I easily get UTIs and need to keep drinking water. I order it for delivery from Pea Pod. One day Kathy came up with several bottles of water from her own supply because she had noticed on her previous visit that I was low and it takes a day or so for my order to be delivered.  That show how thoughtful and generous Kathy is.  
Since my accident I have seen many medical professionals and many caregivers.  Kathy is the best and I hope BrightStar recognizes her for the wonderful caregiver that she is and how well she represents your company.

JE, client living in Pikesville

“I called three agencies.  It was a holiday weekend. Yours was the only one that was willing to respond immediately. Your Nursing Assistant, Julia, was the miracle of the weekend.  She allowed my wife to pass away in peace and with dignity.” 
Jacob, husband of a Hospice patient in Reisterstown 

“It was not an easy choice to move my parents into an independent living facility. My father is 96 and suffers from Alzheimer's/Dementia. My mother has been taking care of him for some years. It was hard for my mother to make the transition and to admit she needed help. I chose BrightStar to provide an aide for my father, and I have not regretted the choice. Kemi is a Godsend. She knows how to connect with my father and how to deal with his different moods. She has been able to get him to do things no one else could. There is even a change in my father's personality when Kemi is around. I also like the fact that you talk to an actual person when you call BrightStar instead of a phone prompt. Staff returns calls in a timely manner and are attentive to needs.”
Sam in Mount Washington, son of a couple that had just moved into a senior living community in Owings Mills 

“I want to commend BrightStar for the quality of care consistently provided to my partner, Sarah. Your CNA, Tierra has had an especially difficult assignment.  My partner Sarah’s cancer diagnosis and her anxiety have been a challenge. Tierra has been so very effective in calming Sarah while continuing to perform her other duties. I am grateful we have such a wonderful caregiver as part of our team.”

Partner lives in Owings Mills, client is in an Assisted Living in Towson  

“Of all the agencies that I talked to, you were the only one that really seemed to care about my mother. You were focused on her and her needs. Your compassion and concern was evident in every conversation that I had with you.  Every time I talked to you I learned something new and you helped me with new resources and information.” 

Marc in Perry Hall, nephew of a client with Alzheimer’s living in Parkville 

“BrightStar has provided excellent care for my 92-year-old father. His mobility decline made it challenging for my siblings and I to provide care for him in his home because of our work schedules. His caretaker Jackie is perfect for him. His mood has greatly improved, as well as his ability to remember things as he is engaged in conversation daily. Having BrightStar there 5 to 6 times a week has greatly improved his quality of life. He is well taken care of by BrightStar.  It has also made an incredible difference for me and my siblings. We know he is getting daily attention when we are at work. I highly recommend BrightStar for the care of your elderly parent!”
Julie in Parkville, daughter of a client in Rosedale.

“All the staff at the Baltimore Brightstar are professional and caring. I feel confident knowing my father is in such competent hands! Thank you!”
John in New York, the son of a client in Timonium

“Talking to you was different than talking to all the other agencies.  You really listened to me and were so supportive and helpful.  I can tell you love what you do.  I just knew you were the right agency to take care of my husband.  Your nurses are wonderful with my husband.  He has a great relationship with both of them. “
Wife of a COPD patient in Dundalk

“Good morning,
Brittany did a wonderful job.  My son is now in love with her.  I hope to use her in the future.  I am super pleased he had a wonderful day with her.  I thank you greatly.”

Brandy, a thankful Mom in Roland Park in Baltimore City

“You have been incredible and your caregivers are wonderful.  You are always available and you have been so very helpful. I have given your name to three of my friends that are also struggling with similar issues with their parents and grandparents. “
Granddaughter in Pikesville, client lives in Mt. Washington in Baltimore City 

“I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful nurses and the care they're giving my Mom. Especially Ramanda, who is, as far as I'm concerned, a saint!!!  I am having a blast talking to Heidi, she's of great comfort making the financial side very easy. Her phone personality couldn't be better.”
Son in Hunt Valley responsible for his mother that resides at a continuing care community in Towson 

 “This is a wonderful agency. Their response to our need for an aide to help with our mother who was ill and dying was quick, compassionate and professional. Scheduling an aide was easy and simply friendly. One aide shepherded us through two weeks of a hospital stay and nursing home care. My siblings and I completely trusted her with my mother's care and could see that my mom felt comfortable with her. She was sensitive to our needs and taught us how to best comfort our mother. She understood and was respectful of the hospital and nursing home staff's roles and responsibilities and interfaced with them and us in a manner to made sure mom got great care. We had two other aides for a short time and they were also skilled, thoughtful and sensitive. I recommend this agency with highest marks.”
Daughter Sally lives in Washington regarding her Mom who lives in a Senior Community in Towson 

 “Thanks so much for arranging excellent care for my mother. Ruth has been wonderful in getting mom to eat, walk, sit up in a chair. Mom feels very well cared for and that eases my mind.  
We are hoping that Ruth will be able to accompany Mom to the rehab unit when she is discharged from the hospital.”

Daughter in Timonium caring for Mom who is in a hospital in Towson 

“Just wanted to tell you that Robin is a true gem.  My brother referred to her as an angel. She really takes pride in her work and said she always wants to leave her patients clean and neat. She is also concerned about our family and how me and my siblings are doing. Catherine, our other aide, is very gentle and so easy to be around.”

Daughter in Cockeysville, Dad in Timonium 

 “As you know, my mother passed away this morning at the Gilchrist Hospice Center in Towson.  I want you and everyone at Bright Star to know what an important role BrightStar and Esther played in just the days she provided care to Doris.   During the final two days, she gave my brother and me confidence that matters were under control while she was at my parent’s house.   She assisted my Father in making an emergency call to the Gilchrist medical staff on Saturday resulting in my mother stabilizing for the night.  
This past Sunday, I met Esther as everyone was preparing to have my mother moved to the Hospice Center.  She assisted the medical team in preparing my mother for the move while making sure the family was out of sight as she was moved into the ambulance.  She stayed beyond her shift until my mother and our family left for the trip to Gilchrist.  We could not have asked for a better angel in my mother’s final days.  Esther is truly a warm, caring and lovely person.  She is a wonderful example for your organization and represents the best of what we can hope for in our common humanity.  Please thank Esther on behalf of my entire family and thank you and BrightStar for all you have done.  BrightStar was a very positive experience from start to finish during a very difficult time.”

Daughter who lives in Southern Virginia, Mom lived in Lutherville

“Your caregivers operated like clockwork.  They were always on time and professional. They were pleasant to work with and they always did what they were supposed to do.  That sounds simple but it is often not the case.” 
Husband of an ALS patient in Middle River  

 “We’ve been very happy with BrightStar and wanted to let you know that. All the caregivers have been lovely. I was able to spend more time with Wumi than the others so I especially am in love with her. Kudos to whoever does the hiring…I am indeed impressed! (Keep in mind that I am friendly with 3 other people who own agencies that compete with BrightStar so it’s even more significant that I’m so impressed with your company!)”
Dad lives in Pikesville, daughter lives in Owings Mills 

 “We appreciate everything Brightstar has done for mom to date. She could not be in better hands.  Special thanks to Bernadette, she has been amazing. Secondly, the office staff is the best I have ever seen. They are always in communication with the family and provide constant updates. The previous agency I used with my Mom, never did things like that.  YuYu who was with Mom last night had the patience of a saint.  She kept Mom calm, reassured her, was gentle and kind and totally focused on my mother.”
Son is in Baltimore, Mom lives in a senior community in Owings Mills 

 “I am beyond pleased with BrightStar’s services. Mom enjoys when Jalyn's visits.  They like to have long conversations. Jalyn has motivated my mom to resume going to her exercise classes and do exercises at home as well. “
Daughter lives in Parkville, Mom with Parkinson's lives Baltimore

 “Your condolences and prayer are greatly appreciated at this time.  I cannot express how grateful I am to have had BrightStar as a care provider during this time. You, Nancy, the RN, and each of the CNAs exceeded expectations and frankly are "golden" to me.  Thank you, and may God continue to bless you.” 
Daughter, a doctor in Illinois, Mom lived in Parkville

 “My mother-in-law is in assisted living and I needed help with her for my son's wedding. BrightStar was wonderful. Heidi in the office took care of all the arrangements. And there were many. First of all, she found the most competent aide to take care of her. Heidi arranged for the aide to shower and dress my mother-in-law. Kathy took her to get her hair and make-up done and then brought her down to the hotel for the wedding. Everything went smoothly and when my mother-in-law was done for the evening, Kathy brought her back to Tudor Heights. I can't thank you enough for taking care of everything for me. That was one less thing I had to worry about. Brightstar is wonderful and I would recommend them to anyone who needs help.”
Daughter-in-law in Baltimore with Mom in a Kosher Assisted Living in Baltimore

 “You have so been much help to us.  I truly appreciate your deep involvement, frequent visits from the RN, at all hours, and experience and expertise provided.  It has made a big difference to my Mom’s care.  I feel like we are a team. “
Daughter a medical professional in New York, Mom in Pikesville in Baltimore

 “Shelly has been an attentive and devoted caregiver to my mother for several years. Her role in my mother’s life has grown and grown. Today, she is my mother’s primary caregiver and works 5 days a week, providing both companionship and critical healthcare support. Shelly is smart, tough and exceptionally caring. Without Shelly’s assistance, I truly do not know how our family would function. 
My mother has often expressed how much she hates being dependent on others. As her dementia and dependency has increased, so has her anger and frustration. She has often directed her frustration at those closest to her and her caregivers have been frequent targets of her anger. Many caregivers have only lasted a day with my mom, some lasted a week or a few months. Shelly was able to work through these challenges and truly see the smart, funny woman that my mother is on the inside. 
Shelly has been exceedingly kind and patient with my mother and has overcome my mother’s prickly personality to develop a very close relationship. Shelly has helped my mother keep her pride and maintain a high quality of life despite her many ailments. 
In the last two years, new challenges have come up regularly. I can’t count the number of times Shelly has gone above and beyond to ensure that my mom had the care and support she needed. My mother’s vascular dementia causes confusion and disorientation that varies dramatically from morning to afternoon and sometimes from one day to the next.  Shelly has risen to this challenge in a loving and professional manner.   She also provides invaluable updates to me and my brother about our mom’s good days and bad days. Shelly is a critical health care link between my mother’s primary care physician, the nursing staff at her assisted living facility and me and my brother. 
Shelly has gotten creative in helping her stay active and engaged. Recently, she took my mom to a local park to feed the birds because it was a beautiful day and my mother loves animals of all kinds.” 

Daughter lives in Lutherville and Mom lives in Pikesville

 “Your employee, Ann, went above and beyond.  While she was caring for your client she assisted another one of our residents who had a fall in the dining room while she was there caring for her client.  She was wonderful. She is a gem and you are lucky to have her as your employee. “
Executive Director of a Senior Community in Hunt Valley

“Thank you again. You and your staff have been fantastic! My family and I appreciate you all very much. Your quick response and great care was a god send.” 
Sue in Pikesville, the daughter of client on Hospice in Stevenson, that needed emergency, same day, start of care. We were there that evening ready to go

“My wife and I are extremely happy with BrightStar and all your services. Our aide is so nice and she is an extraordinary driver. She took us to our great grandson’s wedding and we all had a great time. I give your information to other residents that need help.” 
A resident at an independent living community in Timonium, MD

“I need to share with you what an outstanding caregiver Lisa continues to be to my Dad.She continues to exemplify all the qualities one could ask for in a caregiver. At my request, she came in today when she was not scheduled so that she could be with my Dad when we took him to the doctor. While waiting for the doctor Dad had to use the bathroom. In the past, we’ve always told him to go ahead in the diaper and he would be changed later. Lisa, seeing how distraught he was said let’s get him to the bathroom and we can take care this. I told her that he really doesn’t have the strength to stand and she said let’s just try. You and I can support him. So with my help and Dad's she was able to take care of the situation. During the doctors examination Lisa asked the question as to whether a medicated shampoo might provide some comfort. The doctor thought for a second and said that’s a wonderful idea and prescribed a shampoo. While waiting for his transportation back to the nursing home he was very hungry and cold. Lisa gave him a banana she was saving for her own lunch and moved him to a warmer spot away from the wind.  I cound not ask for a more care and thoughtful caregiver. As you know, we have been through a number of different agencies since 2012 when my parents started needing care. BrightStar is clearly the best.”
Son lives in Owings Mills, Dad is a resident at a nursing home in Pikesville

“Our experience was outstanding. My father, who was reluctant to have anyone there stated that he really liked the two women who helped him out. This alone is high praise. Paulyn and Gloria were kind, prompt, gentle and very capable. My Dad was much weaker than when he went into the hospital. If was wonderful for my Mom to have such great assistance caring for his needs. They were a great support for her as well. If the need ever arises again, I would not have any hesitation in calling BrightStar for help in the future. The process was efficient and the care outstanding. I will gladly recommend your agency to my own patients and families that I deal with in hospital I work in.  Please thank Paulyn and Gloria for their help. Now my dad will not argue with me in the future if I say that someone is coming to help him”
Hospital Social Worker talking about the care for her own father in TowsonBrightStar Care of Baltimore  – 

“I wanted to let you know that I was referred to BrightStar by three different sources, the Hospice Agency, My Mom’s Physician, and the Hospital Discharge planner all recommended BrightStar. You must be doing something right!"
Son of a new client

“We are pleased that my mother, assuming all goes well, will be released from Levindale on Thursday. Wednesday will be our last night with BrightStar aides. We hope that Joyce will be available to us on Wednesday night so that we can enjoy our last night with her. My mother really loves her. She gets right to work when she gets there, is always at the ready to assist her mother, and has a warm and genuine way about her. She is an amazing person, and I just can’t say enough great things about Joyce.  Many thanks again for everything you’ve done for us. We will appreciate it for a long time to come." 
Daughter of a client in a rehab facility in Mount Washington, that improved enough to come home, BrightStar was providing one-one-one care for her every night when the family could not be there

"I just wanted to write a few words sharing my gratitude for the care/ professionalism and maturity Tina has demonstrated with Mr. S.When we require private duty care for this amount of hours, it is always a challenging case. This resident has lost the ability to have control over the most private and difficult things to discuss and care for. Tina really was able to understand and share with us his symptoms while understanding his disease and allowing him to remain dignified, even with behaviors that most cause most employee to flee from the case.
Her skills allowed me to work with his son and develop a care plan that will help him with the comfort that Tina is not judging this man and his symptoms.  I want to thank her and let you know what an exceptional caregiver she is. She truly is making an impact to improve this man and his son’s life. You are lucky to employ such a person with these talents . I hope this letter lets her know how special she is I’m know that in the role of caregiver, much is “expected” and never appreciated. I want her to know we appreciate her and if this resident had the ability to show his gratitude, he would.

RN, Director of Nursing at an Assisted Living in Roland Park

“I want to share how impressed I am with Nicole. Last Thursday it was driving rain all day. Nicole had car trouble that morning and was able to deal with her car, in that weather and still make it to my resident on time. She had her family come to help fix her car. This type of day typically causes a call out, but she made it to work, had a very positive attitude and resolved it without missing a beat. My resident's Alzheimers, makes him a tough case and she has demonstrated the best care and professionalism that I have seen in a caregiver.” 
CEO of an Assisted Living Facility in Roland Park where Nicole was providing one-on-one care for a resident.

“Things seem to be working out very well with my father’s aide Jimmy. My father really likes him and responds to Jimmy’s efforts to get him to “do the right thing.” My mother is going out of town for her grandson’s wedding and we know if Jimmy is there all will be well. Thanks."
Son, a doctor lives in Florida, Dad with Dementia in Towson

“I haven’t had a free moment – but I’ve been meaning to communicate with you. Just wanting to thank you for the superb aides you have sent our way. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Janae and Shirell. Both wonderful, warm, capable and intelligent people. You did a wonderful job in responding to our needs and it makes all the difference in my mother’s recovery. We thank you for your actions and appreciate your attention and sensitivity.” 
Daughter an RN, lives in Perry Hall, Mother lives in Stevenson

“You and your staff have been a pleasure to work with – professional and accommodating. I will call on you again in the future if Dad needs care.”
Son in D.C, client in Timonium

“Tonight, once again, your organization came to my rescue. Lavone and David were awesome. Within minutes they responded to my call for help for my mom and had someone there at her bedside in less than 2 hours that stayed through the night. That is incredible to me. I thank you.”
Son of a client in Timonium that was hospitalized and needed one-on-one care to keep her safe when she was sent to a skilled care/rehab facility

“Just wanted to let you know that my mom, Adele, passed away at Gilchrist Hospice, in Towson. Even on those last few days, she was hoping that the “girls” would be coming by in the afternoon to stay with her! She loved each and every one of them and looked forward to them being there with her. I want to thank you and your staff for being there for us when we needed you.”
Daughter of a client in an Assisted Living in Timonium that went on Hospice and eventually passed away

“Mrs. B_ passed away this morning. I wanted to let you know that the twice weekly visits by your caregivers were the highlight of her week and something she really looked forward to. They were all so kind and professional.”
Power of Attorney for a client for over 3 years in Perry Hall

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank BrightStar for their care of my Father, J____. The care takers were kind, and very supportive. I truly appreciated it. The caretaker, CJ, who worked closely with my Dad was wonderful.  Many thanks again for everything you’ve done for us. We will appreciate it for a long time to come”
Daughter in Pennsylvania of a client with dementia in Dundalk.

“I’m sorry I haven’t said anything about mom’s aides because you should hear it and they deserve the compliments. They are both just great. They are kind, caring, dependable, responsible. Good women. I’ve had compliments from some staff at Mom’s facility and another patient’s family. Quincera energy and positive attitude is contagious – how could it not be? My mother responds really well to her. Joslyn is more reserved but still very nice and willing and very caring with Mom. I’m sure their maturity and experience makes them skilled at handling Mom. They are wonderful and have made such a difference in Mom’s life!”
Daughter in Baltimore of a client in an Assisted Living in Pikesville where we are providing one on one care.

“P__ is going to try being on her own and see how she does so we do not need any more overnight help right now. All of the ladies who came were wonderful, very caring and very professional. I met each of them in the evening and in the morning and got a concise report on how P___ fared overnight. You have a great group of overnight folks there. I’m sure P___ will need services again in the future so I am glad to have had the opportunity to get to know BrightStar so I can contact you again. Everything went very well with the staff. I very much appreciate you getting folks in place so quickly once it was determined that we needed them. Thanks again." 
Daughter  in Florida of a client in Pikesville.

“Lynn, Thank you for coming to pay your respects to Mom. We are so grateful to BrightStar and your wonderful employees who made Mom’s final days as comfortable as possible. We could not have survived without them! Thank you! Fondly, K”
Daughter of a three year client of BrightStar in Baltimore.

“We are very grateful for all of your guidance and flexibility over the last four years. You certainly served us well and we appreciate that you were always there for us. Thank you.”
Son in Halethorpe, Mom lived in Catonsville

My first experience with your branch was with —– back in 2009, and I could not have asked for a better nurse than. I received updates and visit notes at least once a week for 15 months straight…that’s pretty impressive! Not only that, but you also (Lynn) have taken time to keep me “in the “know” of what is happening with my patients. Anytime that I have called/e-mailed to request information from Heidi, it has been provided to me in a timely manner and has been complete and accurate. Your office staff and caregivers have provided that “above and beyond” service that places your agency above all others in Maryland. And for me personally, above all others in the whole country! 🙂

It’s also important to make you aware that I personally contact my patients weekly and ask them how they feel about the services being provided. I have never received a complaint about your nurses, caregivers, or therapists. I will continue to look forward to working with you on many, many more cases in the future. Kudos to you and your staff for a job very well done!”
Nancy P., Home Health Care Coordinator and Case Manager based in Florida managing clients in Maryland