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The Life-Saving Power of a Fruit Smoothie

Life-saving power drawn from a smoothie? That may seem like a tasty bit of exaggeration, but not to Jozie Tyler, Staffing Coordinator at BrightStar Care North-Suburban. Jozie’s job at the in-home care agency is to put caregivers in place who can provide many different types of help for seniors and others who need daily assistance.

Sometimes the care is skilled and requires an RN. Other times it’s simpler, but important, like help with bathing, cleaning, making lighter meals and assistance with eating so seniors are sure to get the nourishment they need.  

“Our in-home care is not just about providing a body to be there,” explains Jozie, “it’s about finding that perfect, caring somebody who makes a real connection with our client. We very much match caregiver skills and personalities to the people they care for.”

Can that truly make a difference in a senior’s life? If that question is asked, Jozie has this very recent story to share. “About two weeks before we took over care of a woman I’ll call Louisa, she had virtually stopped eating. It’s understandable because Louisa has stage four breast cancer with medication that can take really curb your appetite.

“Naturally, this was a concern to everyone since Louisa was losing weight and weakening. We put a very qualified caregiver in place, but that didn’t seem to make a difference at dinner time. Then we tried someone else. Still no eating progress. We were about to recommend a nursing facility, but we decided to give it a try once more with a caregiver named Joanie whom we knew was also a great cook.
 “Joanie is amazing with patients and what she creates in the kitchen. It’s all yummy and healthy with her use of lively vegetables and other garden fresh, organic ingredients.

"So” adds Jozie, “let me cut to the chase: Louisa, our patient, is back eating tuna salad and other good foods, going to get her hair done and you know the one thing that really turned her appetite around? A fresh, fruit smoothie! No kidding. It awakened Louisa’s taste buds and, ultimately her zest for living. She’s put on weight, has more energy and for now has put a negative attitude about her cancer on the back burner.”
At BrightStar Care-North Suburban we ask,
“who is the real smoothie here?” The patient,Louisa? The yummy smoothie? Joanie, the caregiver who the perfect aperitif? Or was the smoothie, Jozie, the BrightStar matchmaker who put Louisa and Joanie together? You decide? But the onlything that really matters is a deliciously happy