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Boise State University Alzheimer's Expert Talks About Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy Could Be “The Most Important Tool in Medicine”

What is the possibility that gene therapy can treat Alzheimer’s in the near future?

According to Pacific Standard magazine, “It's hard to ignore the fanfare. CRISPR and other genome-editing technologies are set to redefine the way we treat a vast array of illnesses, from cancer to inherited genetic conditions. Hailed as the biggest biotech discovery of the century, CRISPR is enabling an exciting prospect: the ability to cure disease by directly and permanently modifying the human genome.”
A Boise Alzheimer's Specialist  explains that our understanding is “not as advanced as other physiological systems when it comes to gene therapy."

"Our scientific understanding of the brain and its disorders is not as advanced as other physiological systems," says Troy Rohn, biology professor specializing in Alzheimer's research at Boise State University. "Designing therapeutics where the molecular targets are not well defined is an obvious hurdle that we have yet to overcome."


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