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The Challenges and Rewards of Good Nutrition

March 20th, 2015

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March is National Nutrition Month, so now is the perfect time to discuss the challenges and rewards of healthy eating. Preparing nutritionally balanced meals is difficult at even the best of times, but it is even more difficult for people recovering from serious illness, injury or a recent hospital stay.

When you are recovering from a serious illness, you may have to be on a special diet, and that can make planning healthy meals a bit difficult. Your doctor may have prescribed a low-sugar or low-carb diet to aid in your recovery, but actually creating those meals can be a challenge.

That is why BrightStar Care of Bristol is proud to offer a full slate of meal preparation services for our clients. These meal preparation services are designed to provide senior citizens and others with the good nutrition they need to recover their strength and regain their independence.

Our elder care services can teach seniors how to prepare their own healthy meals and work around any dietary restrictions they may have. Whether it is a low-sugar diet to control diabetes or a low-fat diet to prevent heart disease, BrightStar Care of Bristol can provide the guidance you or a loved one needs.

Our meal preparation services can also provide seniors with appropriate foods in recommended portion sizes for meals and snacks. This type of portion control can be very important for people recovering from a recent hospital stay, surgery or illness, and BrightStar Care specializes in this type of senior care.

Our home caregivers can even develop a weekly meal plan for individual clients, based on the diet prescribed by their physicians and their own food preferences. It is important that any meal preparation services focus not only on good nutrition but palatability as well. After all, even the most nutritious meal is useless if you do not want to eat it.

Budget can be a major roadblock to healthy eating, since the most nutritious foods are often the most expensive. But with the right help, seniors and others can learn to plan and prepare delicious and nutritious meals within the constraints of their budgets. No matter how limited the budget, our companion care providers can help you create a meal plan you can live with.

Our senior caregivers can even create make-ahead foods clients can use to stay well-nourished throughout the week. These make-ahead foods are designed to save both time and money, and they are part of the companion care and meal preparation services offered by BrightStar Care of Bristol. If you know someone who could use a helping hand with good nutrition, just give us a call and let us provide the assistance you need.

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