Nursing & Caregiver Job Applicant FAQs

Why should I apply?
Healthcare is not simply a career. It’s a calling. We become a part of our clients’ lives. We provide the highest quality care to people when they are most vulnerable and need our help. We understand this and that’s why we have amongst the highest hiring standards and our caregivers are amongst the best in the entire industry. Learn more about how we recognize caregiver and nurse excellence each and every year through our Caregiver of the Year and Nurse of the Year programs.
How do I apply for a job at a local BrightStar Care office?
An updated listing of staff position vacancies is continuously available on the BrightStar Care website, viewable by clicking on Employment Opportunities. This listing provides the title and a brief summary of the jobs currently available, as well as the minimum position requirements. If an individual wishes to apply for employment, he/she should complete an electronic application. The electronic application form can be accessed at the bottom of each employment opportunity listing by clicking on the application box. Completed applications and resumes are submitted directly from the website.
After I submit an application or resume, when should I expect a response?
Normally, within 12 hours you will receive a call from our recruiters acknowledging that your resume/application has been received. The local BrightStar Care office to which you have applied will contact you directly if there is interest in your resume/application.
How much will I work?
Our employees are our greatest asset, so we are committed to hiring the best in the industry. We are proud to offer you the opportunity to pursue your passion at your own level, on your own schedule, and with the recognition and benefits you need. Come work for us and see how BrightStar Care employees uphold A Higher Standard.

Our direct care staff are busy with caregiving activities during all of their scheduled hours, but it doesn’t stop there. FREE training! There’s no homework or prep work. Attend our monthly or quarterly staff meeting, represent BrightStar Care at campus events, participate in training activities, and work on individual projects like creating instructional materials or choose to participate in our Mentoring Program. You are so much more with BrightStar Care!
What if I do not have a resume?
If you do not have a resume, that is not a problem.  The beauty of applying for a job with BrightStar Care is that you don't need a resume.  We capture all needed information when you apply online.
Search and apply for openings today.

How many different positions can I apply for?
If you believe that you are qualified, you may apply for as many different positions as you wish. You will need to submit a separate resume/application for each position that you wish to apply for.


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