Applicant FAQs

I notice that the online application is different. If I applied before is my application still on file?
BrightStar has implemented a new online ATS (Applicant Tracking System). The system is designed to offer the applicant with a better online experience. In addition the system offers features to allow you, the applicant to have an improved applicant experience. These features include:

  1. Improved search (search criteria, job cart, saved searches)
  2. Easier application submission process. Apply for a single or multiple positions.
  3. View your application status.
  4. Manage your profile (cover letters, resumes)
  5. Provide requested information on a timely basis

If you have applied online and have not yet been contacted by a BrightStar office or wish to be considered for future employment with BrightStar, you will need to register and apply using the new system. If you applied online and are currently working with a BrightStar office staff, you will continue to do so using the old application system.

Do I need an email address? What if I do not have one?
BrightStar’s new system offers many enhanced features including timely communications. Email communications regarding status, interview schedules, requests for information are all features that make the hiring process a smooth one. There are many free and easy email providers that can be utilized. Yahoo and Google are just a couple. Choose a services, and follow their steps to create an email account.

What if I do not have a Resume?
If you do not have a resume, that is not a problem.  The beauty of applying for a job with BrightStar Care is that you don't need a resume.  We capture all needed information when you apply online.

What if I do not have access to a computer?
If you do not readily have access to a computer, public libraries, job centers, community colleges, and many community centers provide public access to a computer. You may also contact a BrightStar office near you to discuss your alternative options for accessing a computer to complete the application process.

BrightStar Support at 1 +(877) 321-2782