Employee Testimonials

Wondering what it’s like to work for BrightStar Care? Read real-life testimonials from local BrightStar Care nurses and caregivers who have found their calling in home care.

We are proud to have the best of the best working for our independently owned and operated agencies across the country, and we would not be able to deliver on our promise of A Higher Standard of Care without their passion and dedication to making a difference in the lives of our clients.

"I like that they are always available about 24/7 to help if you have a question. The director is really great in how she helps her nurses, especially her new nurses. They don't pressure...

"They are organized, professional, and willing to help you and always have training, and they listen to you."    

"I like the support staff and the training.  If you have problems, you are free to discuss with them and they will listen to you."

"They have always been super lenient and flexible with my scheduling needs.  We live crazy lives, and they meet my needs."

"I get to make my own hours, they are very flexible and they are always reaching out to do more and provide more resources for their caregivers."            ...