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Denver, CO Client Home Care Reviews

Providing a Higher Standard is the heart and soul of BrightStar Care. We strive to apply that not only to our clients and their families, but to our employees too. Each of them has a story to tell about a time where we offered more flexibility, more security, or more hope to making the impossible possible. Happy employees make happy clients, and vice versa. That’s why when you join BrightStar Care, you become a part of our family. Now while we could tell you about the work we do and leave it at that -- we’d rather you see for yourself on how BrightStar Care is serving its clients and employees.

Client Testimonials

“CNAs usually begin with a new client in a very positive way. But, as time passes, their true colors emerge and often a person that seemingly was doing a fantastic job starts to show their weaknesses.  Not Emily. She is rock solid and has been the same from beginning to end. She is professional, on time, respectful and kind.
I could write volumes praising Emily, but I’ll constrain myself to give you a few comments which I hope will show you what a great job she’s done.
She does not sit down but is constantly finding something to do.
She is never on her cell phone.
She is an excellent problem solver.
I’ve never had to repeat anything to her.
She has good common sense.
She prioritizes responsibilities well.
She is a hard worker.
She is smart.
She has situational awareness.
She is pleasant to be around and funny, when appropriate.
Thank you for sharing Emily with me these past months. It has truly been a pleasure!” -B.S.

“They have high quality staff. They are very responsive, and they have a high level of expertise.” -A.E.
“I would like to thank everyone at BrightStar for everything over the last couple of years. You were able to provide a quality of life for my dad and allow him to remain at home up to this point. You made it possible for my dad to accomplish his wishes. Tony has been fantastic with his communication, flexibility, and professionalism. He made everything easier for both my dad and me.” -T.K.

Employee Testimonials

“I have gained more experience and skills with Brightstar over the years that I can’t compare with my other job with. I enjoy working with all our clients and nurses especially Daisy! She has taught us all so much!!” -A.L.
“I'm truly grateful for the opportunity that you have given me. I love my clients and what I do. Thank you so much.” -E.G.

“Brightstar is a great company with a high reputation. As a CNA my job is rewarding and fulfilling. The staff is great in helping aids succeed. We have annuals that help us improve. We have quarterly in-services to remind and reeducate us on our skills.” -R.S.

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**To practice the safety and confidentially of our clients, families, and staff; we have replaced the full names with initials.