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Meet Our Wheaton, IL 2015 Nurse of the Year Nominee

April 20th, 2015

Every day, a growing number of dedicated nurses care for aging adults and people with complex medical needs inside their homes, administering daily medications, providing relief from the symptoms and stress of a serious illness, and managing personalized plans of care.
To pay tribute to the specialized and tireless work of thousands of nurses throughout the network, BrightStar Care launched a national Nurse of the Year program to recognize the nurses who are working hard to deliver A Higher Standard of Home Care each and every day.
This year, our Director of Nursing Kelly Honn was nominated. Here is the nomination letter about Kelly:
Our agency’s nomination for Nurse of the Year is none other than our own Kelly Honn- the best Director of Nursing(DON) in the BrightStar Care system. Kelly epitomizes BrightStar’s premium service standards and Core Values as can be easily observed in her daily routines and overall service to her clients/patients. Her motto is that “patient care and quality come first, and all else is in a distant second or third place!” She lives this daily to the benefit for our agency’s client.
Kelly has served our organization with distinction through her “can do” attitude and deep competencies for over five(5) years now. After previous career stints as a teacher and investment advisor, Kelly went back to school to become a nurse(BSN) because of her care for people and desire to help her fellowman. She joined us after graduation from nursing school as a field nurse and advanced quickly within our organization. She became part of the agency Office Team as a lead Nurse Case Manager and Assistant Director of Nursing(ADON) in mid-2012. Eventually she replaced our founding Director of Nursing Judy Flickinger about a year ago. Kelly also sits on our company’s Executive Leadership Team as DON and represents agency Clinical Care/Quality. In the executive meetings she is the voice of advocacy at the table for our clients/patients and their care.
Given her extensive length of service with our organization, the examples of high service we could provide about Kelly would be a long list. Just to observe her daily routine of tirelessly, usually without complaint, plowing through an endless series of tasks makes the rest of us weary! Here is a brief list of her duties which she performs at a 10 out of 10 level:
  1. Management of four(4) other Nurse Case Managers in her department
  2. Management of all things patient care for the agency, including a personal client/patient load of up to forty(40) clients
  3. Marketing and management of all National Accounts. Based on her leadership and direction she has tripled our National Accounts revenue in the past two(2) years.
  4. Lead Nurse Manager for skilled medical services. Please note Kelly usually assigns to herself the most difficult and highest skilled medical clients
  5. Medical liaison for all agency staffing clients
  6. Member of agency Executive Leadership Team
  7. Continual collaboration about patient care management with our Director of Clinical Compliance
Her are a few brief “stories” of her service to our clients:
  1. Agency owner Jim Flickinger has a personal friend who is a quadriplegic confined to bed and lives in his own home alone. This person requires daily personal care and services. Jim received a call of desperation on a Friday afternoon recently from his friend that if our office could not provide immediate startup care for him he would need to be transported by EMS to the hospital because his two(2) privately hired caregivers had recently left him. Immediately Kelly went to the home to assess the patient for services and stayed until we had competent service in place. For that Friday evening it meant Kelly needed to stay and perform a host of different services for the client just to avoid a possible hospital visit. From there Kelly set up agency field nurse and CNA services for the patient and personally monitored such until the client was able again to hire competent personal care help and be discharged from our service. How many of our Core Values did she exhibit on this one(1) patient situation alone? a. Be Open & Positive- yes, b. Serve With Passion- yes, c. Do the Right Thing- yes, d. Do What You Say- yes, and e. Make It Great- yes. Kelly was 5 out of 5 on our Core Values on this one patient assignment alone, and she does this routinely for all of our agency’s clients!
  2. Kelly personally manages 2 high skill/need pediatric skilled clients locally. These children are served by our agency in the local school system under a school nurse staffing contract as well as at home for private duty nursing care. She regularly develops and updates their skilled Plans of Care in collaboration with the children’s physician. She visits them at their homes and sometimes the school. Recently 1 of the children became ill and needed to be at home for a 2 week period. Working with the family and the child’s physician and well as their private insurance carrier, home nursing services were expanded to serve that family over the 2 week period.
  3. At our business core we are primarily a Private Duty Home Services/Care organization. This is the bulk of our business and clinical activities, and this is where Kelly’s “can do” attitude and service orientation really show. We have a long term live-in client whom the agency has served for over 6 years now. She will be 102 years young this May. This lady is summarily adored by all of us at the agency. Her almost permanent Live- in caregiver does not drive, yet the client absolutely insists we keep this caregiver assigned to her. At 102 years, she gets to call the shots on many things, including her choice of caregivers! Yet our client has the need to be driven to various appointments, beauty shop visits and errands outside her home. Because her caregiver cannot drive, out of pure care and love for this client, Kelly has personally driven the 2 of them to these needed venues, spending many hours of her time just providing the best care she can give to her client.
Since Kelly has been with us for quite a length of time, this list could go on and on. She never stops doing the things that embody the BrightStar ideal of premium service and expression of our high Core Values. The care we provide in our business service area, and the reputation we have is the result of this continued high level of serve. As a result, there is none other in the BrightStar systems that better exemplifies these standards than our DON Kelly Honn.
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