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What to do when recovering at home

Recovering at home in Charlotte?

Here are some activities to keep you busy while taking it easy!

When a client is recovering from a medical procedure or surgury, BrightStar Care in Charlotte provide comfort care to medical care.  We know recovery.jpgrecovery can take time, so we make sure our clients have what they need to keep them busy while they recover at home.  Here are some tips from our caregivers to help keep you entertained if you are homebound during recovery: 

  1. Discover new music from the Internet: Fill up an iPod from iTunes, or join Spotify and Pandora to discover thousands of new songs.
  2. Borrow some DVDs from friends, or check some out from a local library, and watch a bunch of movies that you've always wanted to see. Don't forget the classics—if you're on pain medications you may want to watch something that moves a little slower.
  3. Sharpen your thinking skills with online games from luminosity.com. You can sign up for the free version to see if you like it.
  4. Read a great classic: To Kill a Mocking Bird, The Catcher in the Rye, The Grapes of Wrath, The Old Man and the Sea, The Great Gatsby, The Call of the Wild, or War and Peace. Invest in a tablet reader such as a Nook, an eReader, or a Kindle to have instant access to almost any book in the world. If you have a smart phone or tablet, download the Kindle or iBooks app. Be sure to check Bookbub.com for free or discounted ebooks.
  5. Listen to books on CD or your iPod. Sometimes it's easier to listen to a book than to read.
  6. Learn some card tricks. Many are really quite simple, and Youtube has tons of instructional videos on learning card tricks if you're a beginner.
  7. Play classic games with visitors like Monopoly, chess, Scrabble, or Uno. There are many online versions of classic games that you can play with friends even when they're not with you. You can also play experts online and sharpen your skills

These are just a few ideas to help pass the time during recovery.  Learn more about our transitional care services and how BrightStar Care of Charlotte helps client recover at home safely - CLICK HERE