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WELCOME AMY DIAMONDIDIS, RN, BrightStar Care Chattanooga Director of Nursingamy diamondidis

Amy Diamondidis, RN, was recently hired as BrightStar Care Chattanooga Director or Nursing.
BrightStar Care of Chattanooga is the ONLY home care agency with nursing oversight by a registered nurse who meets, assesses, and manages all client cases.

Amy, who also has a previous degree in Psychology, received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Massachusetts General Hospital’s Institute of Health Professions.

“I am most passionate about educating my patients regarding the treatments and care they are receiving. I want them to be truly informed and knowledgeable and be able to advocate for themselves, receiving the highest quality of care,” Amy stated.

At BrightStar, Amy provides ‘A Higher Standard of Care’ for our BrightStar Care® clients by truly listening and respecting clients’ needs surrounding their healthcare. She works hard to consider their whole person, addressing mind, body and spirit.

Amy and her husband, Gus, children Bailey, Eliza, and Sam reside on Lookout Mountain and are members of Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church.