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Simple Outings for Seniors

Going out and about is something we all do. Whether it is for running errands and doing shopping, or going to a movie, to the park, or a museum--getting out into the community is great stimulation for anyone. You are able to experience new things, meet new people, and make memories with your family (or yourself if you prefer "you" time). But for seniors, getting out and about can be difficult. Some require the use of a walker, or wheelchair, even the assistance of someone close by, and not all locations are handicap accessible.
Limitations can be the set-back for seniors to continue getting out into the community, and adapting if needed to those activities they once loved to take part in.

Seniors Matter listed several easy outings that a caregiver or family member can take their loved one on:

  • Visit a loved one or friend. After lives start to slow down, and getting out is not as easy, seniors can loose touch with friends and family.
  • Go to a craft show or museum. Some of these locations offer wheelchairs to rent also if the senior is not able to walk that far, or most have seating throughout. Craft shows can inspire the senior if they once did arts and crafts, and museums can offer a great learning experience.
  • Go on a picnic. Find a local outdoor area--a park, the boardwalk at the beach, a pier, or scenic look-out and bring along favorite snacks and drinks, or stop and pick up a sandwich from a favorite shop. Being in nature offers many benefits, such as sounder sleep.
  • Go miniature golfing. Maybe the senior loved to go golfing, but is no longer capable of playing a full eighteen hole game. Miniature golfing is an easy, and be done by any skill level.
  • Go fishing. This may or may not be a new experience for the senior, but it offers time to sit quietly, and usually offers a great scenic view.
  • Visit a new restaurant in your area. There are always new places opening, try something new.
  • Go to the library. There are magazines, books, computers, and at times seminars on a variety of topics. Libraries also have movies/television shows to rent for a short time.

Growing older does not mean staying at home. Caregivers and family members should make it a point to help their client or loved one get out into the community and enjoy activities outside of their home. It is an opportunity to meet new people, maybe even make new friends, and have an adventure!