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Valentine's Day for Seniors

Usually, Valentine's Day is a time to do something extra for your loved ones--family and friends--to show they are loved. But for some seniors, it can be a day of heartache and sadness as they remember a spouse or special friend who has passed on, or is no longer in their life. In most facilities there are Valentine themed parties, socials, and dances to keep the residents busy, but if a senior is at home and by themselves, it can become depressing.

Make the effort to be with your loved one on Valentine's Day if you can, if even for a short time. If you can, make it festive with some flowers or balloons, maybe a small craft you can do with them for a decoration, or even pictures from grand or great grandchildren. Bring them a special treat, and reminisce with them about the "old days," pull out photo albums, maybe you will hear a new story you had not heard before. If the time allows, make them their favorite meal, have an afternoon tea and play their favorite type of music, watch a classic romance movie or maybe one they haven't seen before that is more current, take them out on a "date" giving them the opportunity to get dressed up and looking their best.

If you know that visiting them is not possible, due to schedules and/or not living in the area, send them flowers, balloons, and Valentine cards.

Letting them know that they are not forgotten and loved by their family can make a world of difference in their day.

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