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Aging in Place With 21st Century Solutions Continuing Education Event

BrightStar Care of Chicago and La Grange hosted another great continuing education event this week where the topic was “Aging in Place with 21st Century Solutions”.

BrightStar Care of Chicago and La Grange organizes these CE and other types of events to help you as a caregiver or healthcare professional gain the knowledge you may require as you are involved in assisting others. At this educational event we learned about “Ten Home Modifications Your Patients Request” presented by Rein and Cindy from Home for Life Advantage and "House Calls The Value Based Healthcare Solution for Today"
presented by Pete Miska from Phoenix Home Care, LLC.

 It was a packed house and the presentation was enjoyed by all! Here's what some had to say:


"I talked with our SW here, and we both agreed one of the best programs we have attended.
She was surprised on how much she got out of the first presentation and even leaned over to me and told me that "I think you should become a CAP "
How about that!!

I felt all presentations were extremely valuable in terms of the information received.
I felt that I was well versed but picked up a lot of nuances to add to my own evaluations and information that I share with patients and families.

The info was so good!!- DD"


"You know I actually benefited personally since I am nearing 60th bday by Fall, good to have all those information so can adjust if need to save more for those items for home use.. planning way ahead. And also tours of place/facilities as well as home care providers. I could be the next client. - Best, N"


"It was a pleasure to meet you last night at the event. I came to hear the Top 10 Home changes and thought it was really good. Even though I've taken the CAPS classes, typically, they talk about how to BUILD, not how to modify. SO, some of these were new. Like, making the door open out.
Usually, you want to create a bathroom that allows for the door to open in and have enough room for the wheelchair. Great new way to think of things.


"Great to meet the person who creates these events. Looking forward to the next one.- Thanks again! KT"


"Thank you for the lovely evening!
We all really enjoyed this and learned so much!
We thank you so much! - CT"

Learn more about attending or speaking at an event by contacting: linda.kunicki@brightstarcare.com