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Beat the Summer Heat: Suggestions for Seniors

Summer temperatures are beginning to soar and will only continue rising as we progress into the season. Many of us may be struggling to keep cool, but, for certain populations, like elders, the extreme heat and humidity can be life threatening. As we age, our bodies have an increasingly more difficult time fighting the effects of excessive exposure to extreme heat conditions. Detrimental heat related illness symptoms include heat stroke, dizziness, dehydration, nausea, chest pain, elevated heart rate and diarrhea. 

As temperatures rise, seniors need to take extra precautions to avoid heat related dangers and stay cool. Caregivers and family members should keep an eye out for these signs and seek medical attention if necessary. Below is a list of tips to help seniors beat the summer heat and stay safe and cool! 

  • Drink plenty of cool water and replenishing fluids to stay hydrated and lower body temperatures 

  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables such as watermelon and celery to help with hydration 

  • Prepare cold meals such as sandwiches to avoid having to turn on the oven during the hot days

  • Stay indoors when temperatures are extreme and install fans and air conditioners to keep the home cool

  • Spend the day in a cool and air conditioned public place such as the senior center, mall, movie theater, library or a coffee shop if it's not possible to cool down your home

  • Wear light colored and light weight clothing when outside and apply sunscreen to protect the skin

  • Try to limit outdoor time to early mornings and evenings when the sun and temperature are not at their peak. 

  • Avoid excessive physical or extraneous outdoor activity

  • Take cool showers and baths to cool down 

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