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BrightStar Core Values

August 14th, 2012

Many people remember the BrightStar CEO Shelly Sun when she appeared on an episode of Undercover Boss (see an excerpt of the show here) and thus know that BrightStar is an international franchise.
While each BrightStar office is independently owned and operated, as a franchise we all share a mission, vision, and core values that offer guidelines and structure to guide how we make decisions.
It is because of the vision of Shelly and her husband JD and the wonderful framework they have provided for the company that BrightStar has been able to provide excellent home care services.
The team of BrightStar in Northwest Arkansas acknowledges and upholds this framework.

Our Mission is what we do.
We offer "peace of mind" by providing healthcare staffing solutions that help families and businesses live and perform their best.
Our values empower us to provide compassionate care and exceptional service.
Any time.
Any place.

Our Vision is where we are going.
We will be the world's premier provider of healthcare staffing solutions in your community.
From our family to your family, from our business to yours, we will be there.
Any time.
Any place.

Our core values guide how we behave and how we'll deliver on our Vision and Mission.

  1. Compassion:
    Take CARE of our people, be a good neighbor in the COMMUNITY, and treat people with dignity and respect.
  2. Integrity:
    Tell the truth.
  3. Family:
    Achieve results TOGETHER, one for all and all for one, share success.
  4. Excellence:
    We ALWAYS strive for being the BEST BEST VALUE.
  5. Trustworthy:
    We are always there.
    Any time.
    Any place.
  6. Accountable:
    Deliver SOLUTIONS.
    We do what we say.
  7. Diversity:
    Value different opinions, RESPECT differences.

In reading our guiding principles, the standard of excellence that is used as the compass for our services and how we function becomes very clear.
BrightStar Care hopes to make more possible for the Northwest Arkansas community by providing free continuing education for professionals, being an information resource for professionals and families in the community by posting informational blog posts and details about community events, and by being responsive to the needs and values of our clients and their families.
Is there something else you would like to see on our blog our Facebook page?
Let us know in the comments below!

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