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BrightStar Care of Danbury: Client Testimonials

On May 15, 2018, my home was hit hard by multiple tornadoes. As a polio paraplegic and full-time power wheelchair user, I was trapped on the second floor. The Red Cross rescued me and transported me to the Danbury Emergency Shelter. While there, I met many capable and skillful aides from BrightStar. They knew precisely how to assist us. I consider myself very fortunate to have had their kindheartedness and compassion in caring for me. Thank you so very much.
~L.D., Danbury, June 2018

When my father was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, his only request was to let him die at home with his loyal dog at his side. The only way we could have managed this was with the help of BrightStar Care. Along with Regional Hospice, we had a formidable team of caregivers that empowered us to give to my Dad the very best end of life experience he could have had. We will always be indebted to this amazing organization of caring and compassionate individuals that have dedicated themselves to the loving care of human beings.
~A.T., Brookfield, January 2018

Thank you for all your help the last seven (or so!) months, Alan. Everyone at BrightStar has shown a heart for service that has made a difference for both my parents.
~T.H., Danbury, February 2017
Thank you, Alan, to you and your staff for taking such good care of my dad these past two week. It was a difficult time for him and I know it was comforting for him to not be alone at night.
~K.E., Danbury, October 2016
The aides you have sent over the years have increased my mother’s quality of life immeasurably.
~D.W., Danbury, March 2016

Your aides have cared for me as if I were their family. Especially now that my disease has progressed I could not live without them.
~C.O., Newtown, June 2015

Our family was quite taken with Yinet’s dedication in keeping our mother comfortable, clean and nourished during her final days. She was creative and flexible in making sure that she had all she could need or want. She trained me on how to properly move her and drew on her experience to advise me on some of my other responsibilities. She is one of your shining stars.
~M.R., Danbury, June 2014

I very much appreciate the care & compassion your staff has provided to my F-I-L. I have recommended your agency to friends inquiring about care for their elderly family members.
~T.F., Brookfield, January 2014

I would like to extend my thanks to the wonderful caregivers from BrightStar for their kindness and efficiency in their care of my cousin. I cannot imagine what more they could have done to make her life more comfortable. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing in-home care.
~F.G O., Danbury, January 2014

Vicky and Lee were such a huge help to me during the last 5 weeks of my husband's life. I deeply appreciate their wonderful calling. I could not have managed without them.
~R.C., Sandy Hook, October 2013

BrightStar Danbury Facebook post: Best people and workers. I love my Dad’s caregiver Jannette – she is wonderful.
~C. S., Danbury, June 2013

To the BrightStar family, I wish to thank all of you who were so caring for my husband's comfort and well-being during his illness. I particularly want to thank Trish and Jenny who went out of their way providing the care, concern and attention to his needs as well as my own. They were like family. Many thanks for your wonderful service during this difficult time.
~J. C., Brookfield, July 2012

Many thanks for sending Catherine to take care of Mom on such short notice. She provided excellent service. Mom was very pleased with her caring manner and consistency.
~ I.C., Newtown, April 2011

BrightStar came to the rescue when I needed week-long childcare at the last minute. My only alternative would have been to cancel my trip. The caretaker they provided for my two children was responsible and nice. My kids liked her. At my request she took my children bowling and ice skating, and she participated with them, making it that much more fun. Their daily rate was very reasonable. I would definitely use them again.
~ A.K., Bethel, January 2011