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Our Nurse Manager at Danvers, MA

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Trina Russo - Nurse Manager
How long have you been a nurse? population because I enjoyed the satisfaction I experienced knowing I was making a difference in the lives of people who seemed to be lacking compassionate care. What experience do you bring to BrightStar Care? I have experience in geriatrics, pediatrics, hospice, rehabilitation and VNA. My early career in accounting gave me an eye for detail and a love of managing numbers. I use my appreciation for the importance of data tracking as a lens through which to provide families with important information they need when making decisions about a loved one’s care. In my former work as a certified preschool teacher, I learned to understand different learning styles, and that experience serves me well as I develop and implement clinical training modules for my staff. My love of teaching enables me to engage patients and their families in the learning process, helping them understand the importance of their own involvement in symptom management. What aspect of your job are you most passionate about? I am passionate about the outcome of my work. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that a patient feels more comfortable and better cared for because I did my job. At the end of my day, I see the difference I have made in a person’s life. I provide A Higher Standard of Care for our BrightStar Care clients by... I make more possible by forging caring, trusting relationships with the clients I serve. Trust engenders respect and confidence. By encouraging each person to be his or her best through guidance and instruction, I can empower caregivers to provide better care, which leads to happier, healthier, more satisfied clients.  

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