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BrightStar Book Club

We created the perfect book club schedule for everyone. The books take you on great journey through simple adventures to famous literature. All the stories are treasured by many and loved through generations. We are excited to take you through a year of reading. 
Why should you continue to read even at old age? 
Reading for the elderly has many benefits. Reading can help to improve memory, sleep, and mental and emotional anxieties. Reading is a great way to exercise the brain with truly enjoying the activity. In other words, go enjoy a good book and the benefits will always come. 
Why did BrightStar Care create a book club? 
With COVID-19 and being in quarantine we at BrightStar Care learned about the power of reading and how it can take you on wonderful journeys without leaving the house. We wanted to share that experience with everyone. That is why we made a list of great books that you can choose from to read and talk to your family, friends, and others about. Pick and choose what books you would love to read. 
The Book List 

Please read and enjoy these books. They will take you on a great adventure.