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Improving Quality of Life for the Bed-Bound Patients in Duluth

March 23rd, 2015

BrightStar Care of Duluth

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If you are caring for an elderly loved one, you want them to maintain a great quality of life for as long as possible. The frailties that come with age and the realities of long-term chronic illness can make maintaining a good quality of life difficult, but there are ways to make even the sickest patient more comfortable.

Whether you are serving as a formal caregiver for an elderly relative or just acting out of familial concern, it is important to learn as much as you can about the illnesses they are suffering from, its normal progression and the things you can do to make their life more comfortable. You may not be able to restore your loved one to full health, but the right elder care can make a world of difference.

Some chronic health conditions are worse than others, of course, and there may come a time when the combination of advancing age and failing health causes your loved one to be bed-bound. The needs of the bed-bound patient can be much different, and caregivers and personal care representatives need to be prepared for the changes.

If you need help caring for a bed-bound loved one, BrightStar Care of Duluth can be your partner. Our elder care specialists have years of experience caring for bedbound patients and medically frail individuals. They understand that the medical assistance needs of bed-bound patients are different, and they tailor a care plan built around those needs.

The staff at BrightStar Care of Duluth can also help you adapt your home to make your bed-bound relative more comfortable, make personal hygiene easier and ensure that they stay safe in your home. Caring for an elderly relative at home is never easy, but the challenges are even greater when a loved one becomes bed-bound. BrightStar Care of Duluth can provide the assistance your loved one needs, from bedside commodes to make dealing with personal hygiene issues easier to shower seats to keep you and your loved one safe.

The personal care experts at BrightStar Care of Duluth also bring a level of expertise that people in non-medical fields often lack. You certainly have the best interest of your bed-bound loved one at heart, but you may not be able to recognize the early warning signs of pressure sores or dehydration. The staff at BrightStar Care of Duluth can help with everything from meal preparation services to turning the patient and make sure no pressure sores appear.

Our caring and compassionate staff can also help with range of motion exercises to keep your loved one as independent and comfortable as possible. The right elder care exercises can make a huge difference in maintaining a good quality of life, as can mental stimulation to combat boredom and depression. No matter what your loved one needs, BrightStar Care of Duluth is here to help.

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