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Senior Care and Home Safety in Hobart, Indiana

July 10th, 2015

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BrightStar Care in Hobart knows that safety in the home is an important consideration, especially for the elderly. Falling is a particular hazard, mainly because of weakness or mobility issues caused by loss of muscle tone, the tremors of Parkinson’s disease or the instability of osteoporosis. Many home conditions may pose fall hazards, too. In fact, falls in the home are one of the top causes of injury for senior citizens. Senior home care from BrightStar Care can help minimize the risk of injury sustained from a fall (or other accidental mishaps).

Home Safety Suggestions

Companion care providers offer many in-home care options for your comfort and safety. Always on the lookout for common household hazards, senior care providers can make suggestions to improve or eliminate injury risks. Home safety suggestions include:

  • Install handrails in the bathtub and next to the toilet to help navigate in the bathroom.
  • Stairs and hallways should be as brightly lit as possible.
  • Throw rugs should be secured or eliminated, as they are often trip hazards.
  • Ensure that electrical cords are stored behind furniture and out of the walkway.
  • Place frequently used items within reach.
  • To eliminate the risk of slipping on tile or wood flooring, use rubber-soled shoes or socks with treads.

An elder home care provider assists in a number of other ways, too. With meal preparation services, a home caregiver prevents injury from spills on the floor, kitchen appliances left on or sharp cutting implements.

Outside of the home, driving may be a prime safety concern. Companion caregivers from BrightStar Care offer transportation services for secure travels wherever needed – for groceries, shopping, errands or social visits.
Home care services mean more than just senior companionship. Caregivers offer home support services for comfort, safety and independence at home.

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