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Is It Time for Home Care in Merrillville?

August 24th, 2016

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BrightStar Care offers senior care in Merrillville IN, with services that include companion care.

My story may be no different than yours.

Last year my mom retired due to fading eyesight. She could no longer see well enough to do her job properly, nor drive a car safely – not even to the local grocery store. When she began showing signs of depression soon afterward, we all figured that she would snap out of it. But she didn’t. Coping with her became my dad’s full time task, and we soon realized that he needed help at home. The biggest challenge, however, was deciding the right time to intervene. Granted, it’s not an easy step, but as a family we decided to engage home care in Merrillville.

With all of us kids grown and living elsewhere, my dad felt helpless to the changes my mother was experiencing. He still had a job, but she was retired. She no longer had us to raise and no grandchildren were on the horizon. She had lost her sense of purpose. She needed companionship during those days dad was at work.
BrightStar Care in Merrillville came through for us, with companion care services that offered a sense of safety and peace of mind. Mom’s home caregiver gave her something to look forward to every day, with companionship for activities, favorite hobbies and even light exercise.

Mom had lost all interest in keeping house, cooking dinner, and doing laundry. She had also walked away from her own personal hygiene and grooming. With kindness and compassion, her caregiver helped her find purpose again. She assisted where she could, but also let mom do whatever she felt capable of doing. That simple gesture helped mom retain a measure of dignity and respect.

We learned a lot from mom’s home care provider, and we’d like to share our knowledge with you. There are signs that point toward the need for help at home, things you should watch for in your aging parents:

  • Is your parent withdrawing from work or social activities they once enjoyed?
  • Does your dad no longer take care of his personal hygiene needs – tasks such as bathing, grooming, dental and hair care?
  • Has your mom lost interest in keeping the house in order, cooking meals, or caring for the pets?
  • Are there unexplained dings or dents in the car? While accidents do happen, is driving unsafe?
  • Are there unopened letters and bills piling up on the kitchen table?
  • Is there expired food in the refrigerator and pantry?
  • Are there numerous fall hazards in the home (such as piles of newspapers or misplaced furniture)?

Our family sought help when we saw the early stages of many of these symptoms, and we knew that dad couldn’t devote the time needed to keep mom safe, happy and comfortable. Her home companion helped with light housekeeping, meal planning and preparation – even transportation services for appointments or shopping.

If you find yourself in the same situation, don’t wait until accident or illness intervene. A slip, a fall, an illness – any number of things could get in the way of your mom’s health and wellness. Consider senior care in Merrillville for safety’s sake.

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